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Kids love excitement and spending time in the water. Swimming with boardmakes them healthier and learning how to swim makes them happier. That’s why you couldn’t get a better present for your child than Havospark Sharki, a motorized kickboardthat has been designed to keep children entertained, happy and on their way to becoming great swimmers!

The Kind of Speed and Thrill that Kids Love

While conventional kickboards are exclusively powered by kicking and swimming, Havospark Sharki is an intelligent water entertainment toy with a motor that delivers a fast speed of around 1.5m/s in the water. Your kid will still get to kick and train swimming skills, but the thrill of the speed will make this experience far more exciting and memorable!

Powerful Motor for Moments of Fun

While it’s powerful, Havospark Sharki is also extremely safe and strong—making sure it’s entirely child-friendly. Operating it is very easy and safe: just press both starter switches to get it running and release any switch to make it stop. You just can’t go wrong with that! Also, the fens gaps are tight enough to make sure no young children’s fingers can accidentally be harmed.

Keeping Tabs on Speed

There’s no need to guess how fast it’s going—Havospark Sharki has a real-time LED display showing the speed mode (1m/s or 1.5m/s) and the remaining battery level that allows you or kid to conveniently control the speed and autonomy of the device at any given time.

Ergonomic Design

Comfort is a key aspect that any device should offer, and especially if children are using it. Our innovative swimming kickboard/kickboard swimminghas an ergonomic design with intricate body curves that creates an experience of maximum comfort while it’s used while ensuring a steady and joyful ride while your kid is playing in the water.

Fun Time is Family Time

Havospark Sharki turns any moment in a swimming pool or on the beach into a great opportunity to have fun and great family time. As a parent, you’ll spend great quality time with your kids, in a truly engaging and original way!

Waterproof and Sand-Proof

Also in the safety and robustness chapter, Havospark Sharki also shines in two other ways: its patented technology ensures that its IP67 waterproof and sand-proof features cover all the switches, battery box and propellers to minimize any damage to the product or any kind of electric issue that could harm children. In fact, we have used a nitrogen mold to mold the whole body part of the device, which is hollow inside, so that this special kickboard for poolhas greater buoyant force than any other competitors.

Durable for Everlasting Memories

Memories last forever, and so should the elements that help create them. Havospark Sharki is extremely robust and durable since its body is made of engineering plastics and high-elastic composites that offer impressive anti-collision and impact resistant features.

Removable Lithium Battery

Havospark Sharki Kickboard comes with a rechargeable 24V 35.2 (human safety voltage) lithium battery that allows the kickboard to work for 60 minutes underwater. You can recharge directly on the product or simply replace it with a spare battery for extended fun in the water. You decide!

Safe on Flight

Bring your Havospark Sharki on all your adventures! Havospark Sharki’s portable lithium battery is approved by the Federal Aviation Administration to take on board all flights.

Adults Can Use it Too

Since the buoyancy and power of Havospark Sharki Kickboard are quite strong, adults can also use this device—as long as you have no issues with using a motorized pool float with a baby shark design! :)

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