QT-PH350 Soil pH Meter

Product description: QT-PH350 is a sophisticated but durable pen-like pH meter with independent electrodes. It can be used for several years if it is operated correctly.


  • Standard accessories include detachable pH test pen, pH electrode and pH 4, pH 7 standard solution
  • Nib type pH electrode is the ideal probe for measuring permeable object, such as soil, meat, cheese etc., the electrode is embedded in a solid glass pen
  • Detachable pH probe can be used for regular or remote measurements
  • Automatic calibration with pH 4, 7,10 standard solutions
  • Rotation display button
  • Data Retention
  • Auto power-off
  • Small and lightweight
  • Waterproof panel


Agriculture, horticulture, food processing, teaching, industrial and quality management


Data reader


20 mm x 28 mm LCD with rotation display function

Measurement range






±0.1 (4~4.9, 9.1~10)

±0.2 (1~3.9, 10.1~13)

(23±5℃, calibration values)

Input impedance

10~12 ohms

Temperature compensation

Not necessary

Sampling time

About 0.8 s

Data Retention

Freeze the current display data, convenient for reading


Automatic calibration with pH 7, 4 or 10 standard solutions

pH electrode connector

BNC interface

Operating Temperature


Operating humidity



Four UM-4/AAA battery, 1.5V

Power consumption

About 4.8 mA


pH meter: 180 x 40 x 32 mm(7.1 X 1.6 x 1.3 in)

Electrode: 12 mm diameter x 160 mm

Electrode cable length: about 1000 mm


220 g (0.48LB), electrode included

Standard accessories

Manual, portable carrying box, soil pH probe, pH 4.0, pH 7.0 buffersolution

Soil pH Probe

Measurement range

1~13 (Standard 0~14)

Operating Temperature


Electrode structure


Reference pH electrode

Silver/silver chloride, bidirectional electrode

PH value at zero potential




Response time

≥ 2 min






Shield for probe


69 g (including power supply and socket)


Probe: 160mm long; 12mm diameter

Cable: 1000 mm long

Origin: China

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