Oxymatrine has been used for the injection of oxymatrine, oxymatrine, and Fikangante. This product is a mixed base of Oxymatrine with a very small amount of Oxysophocarpine. It is used for chronic hepatitis B treatment, tumor radiotherapy, leukopenia caused by chemotherapy and leukopenia caused by other causes.

Drug Action& Clinical Application

Oxymatrine is an alkaloid extracted from Sophora Flavescens, which is mainly composed of oxymatrine and contains a small amount of oxidized saponin. Oxymatrine is the main active ingredient of ginseng in whitening. It has the functions of clearing away heat and dampness, diuretic detoxification, improving hepatitis symptoms, signs, yellowing and enzyme lowering. It can inhibit the replication of hepatitis B virus, induce endogenous interferon, protect liver cells, improve liver function, resist liver fibrosis, raise white blood cells and fight tumors. It is suitable for the treatment of chronic hepatitis B, as well as leukopenia caused by tumor radiotherapy, chemotherapy and other causes of leukopenia. This product is an antiviral drug developed and produced in China. It can induce interferon alpha in the body, which can make the serum HBeAg and/or HBV DNA of chronic hepatitis B patients turn negative, blood alanine aminotransferase decreases, clinical efficacy and Interferon is similar.

In animal experiments, rabbits with low white blood cells caused by normal rabbits and radiation exposure have obvious effects of increasing white blood cells; they also have protective effects against toxic liver damage caused by carbon tetrachloride and D-galactose. Mouse C leukopenia caused by C is also effective. Oxymatrine is the only recommended antiviral Chinese medicine for the "Guide to the Prevention and Treatment of Hepatitis B". It can effectively reduce the level of HBV DNA, and can improve various serum indicators of liver fibrosis. At the same time, it can regulate immunity and induce endogenous interferon.

For patients who cannot tolerate or are unwilling to receive interferon and nucleoside (acid) treatments and have antiviral indications, the use of oxymatrine combined with immunomodulatory drugs has a good effect. Oxymatrine also has an elevated white blood cell function and can be used for leukopenia in chemoradiotherapy.


The drug is mainly metabolized in the liver and small intestine, and is excreted in urine and feces. After intravenous injection of oxymatrine, the blood concentration-time curve was double-indexed, consistent with the two-compartment model. The relationship between post-oral effects and concentration was consistent with the S-type Emax model and was dose-independent.


1 treatment of chronic hepatitis B. For the treatment of chronic hepatitis B.

2 for tumor radiotherapy, leukopenia caused by chemotherapy and leukopenia caused by other causes.


1 use under the guidance of a doctor;

2 patients with severe renal insufficiency, this product is not recommended.

3 patients with liver failure should be used with caution, and those who are allergic to this product should be banned.

4 pregnant women should not be used, breast-feeding women with caution.

5 The local injection site has a stimulating pain, and individual patients have redness at the injection site.

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