Trailer Board

HQC Bamboo Trailer Boardproduced by Fujian HeQiChang Bamboo Product Co., Ltd., Which uses the fast-growing, high quality, and generally large plantation moso as the material. HQC Bamboo Trailer Board uses long bamboo sheets of constant thickness and width (removing green and yellow) as the basic unit, formed by sizing, assembly, hot pressing, and other processes. The string direction of the bamboo strips is combined on the side. The width of the slubs pressed sideways is generally only 4-6mm. The slubs are not obvious, and the texture is more delicate. Basically, all the bamboo patterns are presented one by one. The specification of the HQC Bambootrailer deck boardsis 2000*600*20 mm.

Bamboo Trailer Board is phenolic resin glue, which has high heat resistance, aging resistance, water-resistance, and better bonding strength. HQC Bamboo trailer board flooringmaintains the characteristics of bamboo physical and mechanical properties. HQC Bamboo Trailer Board has the original characteristics of large breadth, small deformation, stable size, high strength, good rigidity, wear resistance, etc., and can be processing through sawing, planning, milling, tenoning, drilling, sanding, assembly, and surface decoration.

Due to the good sealing of the HQC Bamboo trailer floor boardafter a certain hydrothermal treatment during the production, HQC Bamboo Trailer Board can effectively prevent moth and mildew.

A small board brings out a more powerful energy. HQC Bamboo trailer tail boardcan effectively protect car or truck drive stably.

Fujian HeQiChang Bamboo Industrial Co., Ltd. is a bamboo products supplier. HQC Bamboo can provide all kinds of bamboo products that you want, we provide trailer ply boardfor sale, trailer deck boards for sale, trailer boards for saleand etc. Want to know more, please contact us.

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