Digital Pressure Switch XY-PS600

Digitalgauge pressure SwitchXY-PS600 Specification

Model XY-PG600
GaugePressureRange 0…10...50...100KPa
MircoPressureRange 0~1…2…6…10…16...25…50…100…250…400…600Bar
VacuumPressureRange -100~0KPa
OverloadCapacity ≤10MPa200%;>10MPa150%
MeasurementMedium GasoroilorotherLiquidwithCompatibilityofSS304or316
AccuracyLevel 0.25%FS;0.5%FS;
Long-TermStability/Year Typical:±0.2%FS;
AlarmPoint Anypressre@wholemeasurementrange
Output Relay;NONC
RelayCapacity 220VAC5A;24VDC5A
Display 4digitsLED
Operatingtemperature -40~85oC
Compensation -20~60oC
PowerSupply 24VDCor220VACand380VACareoptional

Digital Pressure Switch XY-PS600 Brief Introduction

XY-PS600 is an Intelligent Digital Pressure Switch Box, whole metal shell, with integrating pressure measurement, display and control function. It has a variety of excellent functions, such as one-button reset, Multi-pressure Unit Converting and it’s easy to reset setting, adjusting and installation.

Two relays are built in, this series of digital pressure switches have dual relays, which can be set up two ways of normally open and normally closed alarm points separately, also are able to control two ways of high and low pressure of air or liquid, in addition, it is with one key reset, at the same time, calibration, shifting display unit, setting return difference and other option functions.

The intelligent pressure switch is equipped with a high-precision instrument amplifier to amplify pressure signal, built-in temperature compensation sensor, is the high precision equipment for detecting and monitoring pressure and liquid level.

XY-PS600 Intelligent Digital Pressure Switch box has stable performance and can be widely used in the automatic system, mobile working machines, Medical equipment, pump, compressor, Energy and water treatment, Agricultural equipment, test system, hydraulic system and pneumatic system.

Digital Pressure Switch XY-PS600

Dual Relay, Output Signal NONC;Set AlarmPoint In WholeMeasurementRange
Dual relay, output signal NONC; Set Alarm Point in whole measurement range

Typical Feature

  • Dual relay, Output signal NONC
  • 4-Digits LED Display.
  • Power supply 24VDC; Optional 220VAC
  • Accuracy level: 0.25%FS;0.5%FS
  • Multi-unit convert Bar KPa PSI
    High precision, quick response time, stable and easy setting up

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