Double Ridged Waveguide Tees

Dolph Microwaveprovides a series of high-performance waveguide tee magic, power divider, and combiner products. By connecting a load to the H-arm or E-arm of the Magic T, it can be made into a Magic T power divider or synthesizer. The magic T has the characteristics of opposite port isolation, adjacent 3 dB coupling and perfect matching, which makes it widely used in the microwave field, especially used in monopulse radar and difference comparator, radar transceiver switch, power distribution/combination, mixed Frequency converter and phase shifter.

Datasheet of Double Ridged Waveguide Tee in Microwave

FAQs of Double Ridged WaveGuide Tees

Advantage of Double Ridged Waveguide Tees

Double-ridged waveguide Magic T can provide more bandwidth than "normal" rectangular waveguide Magic T.

Application of Double Ridged Waveguide Tees

A null detector is connected to E-Arm port while the Microwave source is connected to H-Arm port. The collinear ports together with these ports make a bridge and the impedance measurement is done by balancing the bridge.

The duplexer is a circuit which works as both the transmitter and the receiver, using a single antenna for both the purposes. Port 1 and 2 are used as receiver and transmitter where they are isolated and hence will not interfere. An antenna is connected to E-Arm port. A matched load is connected to H-Arm port, which provides no reflections. Now there exists transmission or reception without any problem.

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