Float Collar

Saigao float collar drillingis supplied with plunger valve in most of the application. A non metallic Valve encased and held in place with a high pressure cement mixture. This design ensure the valve the maximum circulation rate in vertical, horizontal and deviational wells. Material used for float equipment is seamless casing grade steel. Float equipment can be supplied in all grades of steel. Trace ability of component material starts from the mill material certificates; all machining of collars is processed on CNC machines.

Saigao's Float equipment are tested and rated in compliance with API RP 1OF specs. The material used in the valves in High polymer plastic and valve is consisting of Natural rubber coated on phenolic substance. This non metallic valve encased and held in place with the high pressure cement mixture. The design and manufacturing process of valve allow for maximum circulation rates. These collars can be ordered in single or double vale and can also be supplied with cement nose, aluminum nose or bladed nose. It can be supply with non rotating plate that is require with our Non-rotating cementing plugs. All our Float equipment are PDC drillable.

Features of SAIGAO GROUPFloat Collar:

Connection Thread:



l Premium Connections: Tenaris hydril, JFE, TPCQ, WSP, VAM, HUNTING, Bao Steel.

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