Double Din Android HQG-6105


Description of Double DIN Android Telematics Smart Screen

The Hopechart HQG-6105 on-board central control smart screen, with 7 inches HD display, based on Android OS V4.4, can provide abundant functions such as video and audio replay, FM and AM radio, smart mirroring and multi-channel video real-time monitoring. The double Din Android telematics hardware can be also integrated with our on-board telematics terminal like Tachograph or Tbox to realize vehicle tracking, vehicle status monitoring, driver performance analysis, fuel usage management, trip planning and management, vehicle failure remote diagnostics and warning, vehicle repair and maintenance information management.The HQG-6105 double Din Android central control screen is a dashboard entertainment system with telematics features and functions. Specially designed, developed and manufactured by Hangzhou Hopechart IoT Technology Co., Ltd. (as known as Hangzhou Hopechart Digital Co., Ltd. before Dec 2017), for coach buses, the two Din Android device is integrated with features like GPS/GLONASS/BDS satellite tracking and navigating, music and film playback, FM/AM radio broadcast, rear video and blind spot monitoring, vehicle fault diagnostics and alerts, maintenance information management, application center and etc. Adopted with standard 2Din design and the most reliable internal ARM Cortex-A9 dual core chips, the Hopechart HQG-6105 is based on Android OS platform Version 4.4. The two Din Android telematics smart screen can be suitable for nearly all types of 12V and 24V vehicles, especially ideal for coach buses and trucks. The device itself can work standalone as an in-vehicle multimedia infotainment system providing Bluetooth music and film playback, radio listening, games, Android applications and etc. The 2Din Android can also provide sat nav services as the GNSS satellite positioning modules are built in. Connected with smart the Android 2 Din device can realize smart mirroring function. With extension of two ways of external amplifiers, the devices are mostly deployed by fleets and manufacturers of coach buses, long distance buses and tourism buses. Through integration with our 4G Wi-Fi Tbox terminal, tachograph and external sensors of temperature & tire pressure, the two Din Android system can offer versatile add-on functions such as driver behavior analysis and management, fuel consumption monitoring and management, fuel theft detection, tire pressure monitoring, temperature monitoring, vehicle driving safety, online vehicle faults diagnostics and warning, vehicle repair and maintenance reminding and information management.The 2 Din Android smart screen central control system can be pre-installed for OEM manufacturers and post-deployed for aftermarket clients. Currently, Hopechart cooperate deeply with leading OEMs to offer them customized telematics solution, e.g. Foton, Shanxi Automobile Group, Suzhou Higer Bus, Scania, Geely and many other electric vehicle manufacturers.

Main features of Double DIN Android Telematics Smart Screen

  • 7-inch, 800 x 480 LCD display (support sun shade)
  • Capacitive touchscreen, support multi-touch and gesture control
  • Android operating system V4.4
  • FM/AM radio
  • Support system error proofing
  • Support audio and video playback
  • Support micro input
  • Support smart mirroring
  • Support two channels of amplifier
  • Support Bluetooth music
  • Support SD card
  • USB port
  • Fire-retardant plastic material
  • Wide voltage input: 9V to 36V
  • Support one channel of CAN Bus
  • Five CVBS channels input, 1 for reverse video, 4 for video monitoring
  • Support display sync (combined use with Hopechart’s terminal device)
  • Double DIN: 188mm x 112mm x 63mm (sun shade excluded)
  • Weight: 1.8kg

Functions list of Double DIN Android Telematics Smart Screen







7-inch, resolution 800×480,used for displaying UI interface,reverse monitoring, video monitoring and movie playback


Sun shade

Support installation of sun shade


Touch screen

Capacitive touch screen, support multi touch


Backlight brightness adjustment

Automatic adjustment or by hand according to time,headlights state.




HOME button (with rotary knob)



Internal storage: store program, navigation maps, Apps and etc.External storage: support SD card, USB flash disk and mobile HDD.


System error correction

When the system crashes, it can be reboot by watchdog automatically.


Smart mirroring

Connecting the smart with USB data cable, the user can operate the on the 2DIN Android Smart Screen.



Play music through Bluetooth, support Bluetooth calling.



2 channels

Support external wired micro, one on panel, oneby flip line.



FM/AM all band. Support auto search, manual search and memory playback.



Full formats. Support FF, FR, drag, play, pause, list preview and memory playback.



Full formats & HD. Support FF, FR, drag, play, pause, list preview and memory playback.


Reverse video

Auto switch based on reverse state signal.


Vehicle information display

Can display switch state, CAN info reports, vehicle status, warninginfo, SMS, driving scores, score reminds, fuel-saving reminds, vehiclehandbook, digital user manual, vehicle self-checking report, vehiclemaintenance reminds, vehicle failure reminds and etc.


Vehicle type configuration

Adapt to our T-box terminal


Program upgrade

Support program local upgrading


Sub-screen display

The screen displays navigation or desktop, CVBS outputs movies and videos.


System packaging tool

System can be packaged and transmitted.


System recovery

Support combination keys to recover system


Delayed power-off

By detecting ACC signal, the device can be powered off postponed for 30s.


Startup logo




When vehicle isbeingdriven or connected with external video device, the device will enter screensaver.





Connect with T-box

Through RS232 port



Through CAN interface


Switch state signal

3 channels

Reverse, left turn and right turn.Can be used for automaticreverse video and blind spot monitoring.


CAN interface

1 channel

Extended connecting with different sensors.


CVBS input

5 channels

1 channel for reverse video, other 4 channels for videorecording, blind spot monitoring (reserved).


Audio input

1 channel

For audio input


Video output

2 channels

Output video via two CVBS channels


Photo snapshot

5 channels

5-channel independent camera shot, upload to the monitoring centre.



2 channels

Volume adjustment, sound effect control

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fax: +86-571-89775594
address: No. 3, Xiyuan 6th Rd, West Lake Hi-Tech Park, Hangzhou, China


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