Issuance Terminals

Issuance terminals, also calledProgramming stations,are used to program on-board units/transponders with specific user data and can be applied for mobile ETC business operation.

Established in 2004, smart transportation companiesis a publicly-listed (Stock Code: 002869) high-tech company in intelligent transportation. We are the leading intelligent transportation solutions provider having achieved great success in China's ETC market. Our core businesses are electronic toll collection (ETC), smart urban mobility, and connected vehicles (V2X).

Genvict's headquarter situated in Shenzhen and has 6 subsidiaries, 6 branches and 4 offices, 2 manufactories with one-million-OBU monthly manufacturing capacities, 11 R&D labs cooperating with scientific research institutes, acquiring over 400 patents. We operate in 29 provinces nationwide in China and have businesses in over 30 countries around the world.

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