Conference Room

As for conference room solution, LED display technology must deliver superior visual performance and clarity to enable efficient meeting. More specifically, customers are looking for a superior conference room led displayincluding but not limited to:

Visually stunning

Flexible and convenient

Safe and stable

Compatible with other devices

The newly innovated AOTO Mini LEDCLD136 is characterized with smaller LED chips, more robust LED panel, greater air tightness and better optical design, which has solved problems of fragile fine pixel LED products, not repairable on-site and uniformity of surface black color of COB product. CLD 136 is also specifically designed for conference room with its superior features.


Turnkey professional solution. 24/7 operation,10 years life span. Network distributed control system, one key for multiscreens control.

Cost-Superior Image Quality

24 bit processing depth creates stunning and vivid image. HDR (high dynamic range) technology enables higher contrast and more image details. Adjustable color temperature.

Human-Oriented Mechanical Design

Seamless splicing for different resolution. Multi-shape and creative design. Front & rear serviceable, fast maintenance.


Fan-kess design, excellent heat dissipation. EMC Class B, antielec tromagnetic interface. Ergonomic latch design, fast and secure.

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Conference Room
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Conference Room
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