Bionic Wireless Rechargeable Head Massager HM-02

This rechargeable wireless head scalp massager is of IPX7 waterproof level for you to enjoy a relaxing pure therapy massage in the shower. This portable head massageris also provided with a dual silicone head that can realize different massage therapy. Although this wireless head massageris designed especially for the head, you can also use it on other body parts, or you can use our EMS infrared massager to deliver this amazing feeling to the face or check our other types of Body slimming massager and find the one for you. Contact us to learn more about this pure therapy head massager!

Wireless Bionic Head Massager HM02Features

01Massage and Cleansing, Wet and Dry Dual-use

Well-designed by the engineers at Ace-Tec, this pure therapy rechargeable head massagerseries is able to conduct massage and cleansing at the same time. With the waterproof shell, it is suitable for both wet and dry use.

024D Multi-contact Pressing and Massaging

With 4D multi-contact pressing and massaging, this 4D multi-contact pressing and massaging can bring you a handy-like massaging experience.

03Handy-alike Grasping Movement for Relaxing

Conducting handy-alike grasping movement, our HM-02 series can effectively help you to relax after work.

04​Comfortable Handle Grip

Equipped with a handle for easy gripping, this wireless head massager series is easy to be carried around.

What is the Best Scalp Massager?

The right wireless head massager should have the ability to imitate the real techniques of human massagers. And as different people have different head sizes, it is then of great significance to choose a wireless rechargeable head massager that is applicable to different head sizes. With the well-designed handle grip, our HM-02 wireless rechargeable waterproof head massagerdoes not have problems regarding tightness and it can be flexibly used to massage different areas. As a professional beauty device manufacturer in China, Ace-tec wants to provide our customers and their customers as well with the best portable head massagers at reasonable marketing prices.

Hand-Held Scalp Head Massager Benefits

Facing the fast-paced working environment and high intensity of work pressure, many people will choose to use wireless head massager to relieve after a day's work. The efficacy of a rechargeable head massager is mainly reflected in the following three aspects:

First, the right use of portable head massagers can relieve brain fatigue. Playing a soothing role, the use of head massagers can effectively relieve mental tension, head swelling pain, and other symptoms.

Second, our waterproof scalp massager also helps the brain think more clearly. After the massage, the blood circulation in the brain will become more smooth, and the mind will be "reset" to a calm state. At this calm state, you can obviously make a better analysis of your problems.

Third, with the stimulation of the head acupoints conducted by the wireless head massagers, the blood circulation and flow of the whole body will be effectively promoted. With the correct use, our portable waterproof head massager can greatly enhance the body's meridians so as to achieve the effect of rapid mental recovery.

What do Scalp Massagers Do?

Scalp Massage to Regrow Hair

In real life, many people have been suffering from hair loss. In addition to treating hair loss with medication on the advice of a doctor, wireless scalp massagers can also be used to prevent hair loss. This is mainly because the head massager can effectively promote blood circulation and metabolism of the head, and stimulate the scalp to grow new hair. This has an irreplaceable effect for preventing hair loss. Therefore, with the right use of our wireless head massager, you can find an effective way to protect your scalp.

Head Massager for Blood Circulation

With the right use of Ace-Tec's HM-02 head massager, one can effectively promote his/her blood circulation. Not only can frequent scalp massage effectively relieve the tension of the blood vessels, which is conducive to the restoration of normal blood pressure, but the head massage can also improve the blood circulation of the brain and improve the stability of the brain nerve. Well-designed by Ace-Tec's professional engineers, the HM-02 wireless rechargeable waterproof head massager can provide you with high-quality scalp massage at any time and anywhere.

As a beauty equipment manufacturer, we can offer types of electric facial cleanser massager machinefor sale, if you have any needs, please contact us.

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