TETRA Two Way Radios

TETRA, or Terrestrial Trunked Radio is a professional mobile communication system based on time-division multiple access (TDMA) technology, which is designed and developed by ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute).

Operational Convenience with Flexible Performance

When you need mission-critical communications that never let you down, trust Hytera, one of the leading providers of TETRA radios in the world. Our TETRA radios have been built with the end user in mind. No matter you need a portable or a mobile radio, or you work in heavy duty or covert environment, or you need intrinsically safe or tamper proof options, we will always equip you with the right device delivering excellent audio quality, exceptional robustness, and ultra-reliable security, to help you coordinate the moments that matter most.

Advanced TETRA Communication Technology

Based on years of TETRA products' research, development, and project experience, Hytera is customer-centric and continuously propagates technological innovation centered on customer value, and strives to supply customers with the best communication equipment and the highest quality communication services.

Professional Customized Design

Hytera relies on years of TETRA communication industry experience and insight into the traits of different industries to launch different products and solutions, provide professional customized communication solutions for different customers, and effectively solve customers' communication needs.

Complete Security Solutions

Hytera provides a variety of security encryption technologies and end-to-end security solutions to provide customers with the highest level of security communication guarantee to ensure customers' communication security and data security.

Hytera TETRA Radio Range

Hytera PTTconnect Solution

Hytera PTTconnect (PoC) solution can turn your Android device (e.g. LTE&TETRA dual mode terminal, smart, Pad, etc.) into a PMR device. It is a Broadband-TETRA convergent communication solution featuring wide coverage with high reliability, designed for industry users from public safety, energy, transportation, etc.

Hytera PWS Solution

Hytera PWS is a system that remotely controls the public address system to deliver critical warning information to the public through a mission critical communication network. It flexibly runs over the existing professional radio communication networks and public broadcasting facilities to in response to emergencies in a more timely and effective manner.

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