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No matter what type of skin you have, whether it is oily, dry, combination or sensitive skin, Bawei, as one of the most professional face wash manufacturersin China, provides a wide range of facial wash that contains foam, gel, cream and other formulas and packaging that can meet your needs, and will not causes skin dryness and allergies. All of our bulk facial cleansercontains essential amino acids and ceramides, which can effectively cleanse the skin and protect the skin's barrier. The cleansing part of daily skin care may be the most important. Find a face wash type that is most suitable for your skin, and use ingredients that are beneficial to your skin to maximize the benefits of cleansing.

Amino Acid Deep Clean Face Cleanser

Advantage of Bulk Facial Cleanser

Remove dirt and excess oil on the face: washing your face twice a day with a face cleanser is the best skincare routine, in which the cleanser removes all your dirt, excessive oil and prevents damage from bacteria and pollutants. Meanwhile, bulk facial cleanser will make your skin look fresh and glow.

Moisturizing and hydrating: common facial cleanser helps skin to keep hydration. If your skin is dry, your face will look rough, wrinkled and aged. Using a good cleanser is necessary.

Anti-acne and pimples: apply a good amino acid mild facial cleanser that helps removes the dirt and excess oil from the skin and reduces the pimples to keep the healthy skin.

How Do I Wash My Face Properly

Many people hold that facial cleansing couldn't be easier. In fact, people should devote particular care to face cleaning because different skin types require different techniques when cleaning the face. If the techniques are not used properly, then the best cleansing products will only get half the result with half the effort. Take a look at the correct cleansing techniques for different skin types.

Tight dry skin

After applying the bulk facial cleanser on the facial skin, massage in circular motions from the chin to the forehead.

Wipe the pads of the fingers back and forth for about 5 seconds on the parts of the cheeks that tend to be tight.

Dry skin with fine lines

Apply the bulk facial cleanser to the facial skin.

Starting from the chin, move your hands slightly upward in a circular motion, doing a lifting motion, and slowly rub the cleanser into the skin.

Combination Skin

After applying the bulk facial cleanser on the facial skin, move the middle finger up and down on the part of the nose where oil is easy to get out.

Massage back and forth from bottom to top in areas prone to oil in the T zone.

Massage back and forth on the T-crossing area and stay for 5 seconds.

Gently rub and wash the dry parts of the cheeks.

Oily "small acne" skin

After placing the face cleanser foam product on the facial skin, use the middle and index fingers of both hands to gently move upwards along the chin in circular motions and massage.

In areas with acne, make your fingers more gentle in circular motions.

Sensitive skin

Apply the bulk facial cleanser on the facial skin and gently massage the skin from the outside to the inside and from the bottom to the top.

Gently wipe the area that has been red, swollen and itchy.

Additional Tips for Washing Your Face

The face is a very important part of our body, and it equals the first impression we leave on others. The wrong way of face cleaning may lead to facial skin problems and this makes facial cleansing a negligible step in our skincare routines. Then how to wash your face properly? We have several points to share.

Wash your face with warm water - Many people wash their faces with warm water in winter. In fact, they should wash their faces with warm water throughout the whole year because washing the face with cold water will make the facial pores tighten and it won't be easy to clean the dirt on the face merely by cold water.

Rich bubbles - A face towel is not your first option for facial cleansing. The most basic is to use face cleanser foam. Kneading the rich foam on your hands at first instead of directly applying the facial cleanser to your face and the rich foam can help cleanse and reduce residue on your face.

Circular massage - Massage gently with circular motions, from top to bottom of the cheeks, especially the T-zone, when washing your face. The foam on the hands will be applied slowly to the face and circular motions will optimize the cleansing effect just in two minutes.

Wipe dry with a soft towel or cotton pad - Do not use paper towels or bath towels to dry your face. The fine paper on the paper towels and the bacteria in bath towels are harmful to the face and may wipe out the previous efforts. The soft towel is softer and will not scratch the skin; the cotton pad is specially used to wipe your face and is more hygienic.

FAQ of Bulk Facial Cleanser


Is it good to use bulk facial cleanser everyday?


Sure, it is good for skin to use bulk facial cleanser twice a day. It can remove skin dirt, excess oil, and keep the skin healthy from environmental pollution and bacteria.


Why face cleansing is important?


Bulk facial cleanser can remove dirt, excess oil and other debris. If it is not cleaned, dirt will be deposited on your face, causing unnecessary skin problems. Cleaning can maintain the natural pH of the skin; therefore, it can help your skin get enough moisture.


How to choose the right bulk facial cleanser?


(1) Confirmed skin type. Many products on the market are made for specific skin types. Choosing the wrong cleanser may cause skin problems, so please understand your skin first.

(2) If you wear makeup a lot, remove makeup before cleansing.

(3) If your skin is sensitive and often allergic, choose a mild face cleanser type, which cleans the skin well without irritating.

(4) If you exercise and sweat much, you need to look for bulk face wash for clogged pores.


What is the best bulk facial cleanser?


Different skin types need different ingredients.

For acne-prone and oily skin, deep cleaning ingredients are important, such as salicylic acid or alpha hydroxy acid.

For sensitive skin, it is necessary to use a bulk face wash with soothing and calming ingredients, such as aloe vera, and maintain a milky or creamy texture. Break down everything, making it as easy as possible to find the best facial cleanser for all these skin types and more.

Bawei, as one ofexcellent personal care products suppliers, offers a wide range of face wash for you to choose from.

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