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This kind of rubber car grommets are widely used in automobile and various mechanical and electronic equipment field, dustproof and shock absorption, effectively extend its service life. High quality EPDM rubber material has the characteristics of anti-aging, good elasticity, oxidation resistance, ozone resistance, high and low temperatureperformance.

product size】: Relong can customized according to customer needs

product material】: (EPDM/NBR/SBR/FKM/Silicone) can also be customized according to the specific use of the product.

product features】: EPDM rubber material has the characteristics of aging resistance, oxidation resistance, ozone resistance, good high and low-temperature performance.

Automotive rubber grommets, in a broad sense, is a kind of accessory part that belongs to the wiring equipment, also known as a protective sleeve or a guard ring. The grommet is a small but important part, which is used in many thousands of production and life. The grommet categories are classified mainly from materials and appearance.

Rubber car grommet, as the name implies, is made of rubber as the raw material, and is molded by high-temperature vulcanization molding. Due to the unique physical properties of rubber materials also determines the rubber grommet excellent product performance, whether from the appearance of the product or products on the physical properties of is to protect the coil products the best choice.

The main function of the rubber grommet is to protect the wire from being cut by the metal plate, which can protect the wire from dust, water, insulation and beauty. The main dimensions of the rubber grommet are outlet hole, mounting hole and slot width. The dimensions of these three positions are especially important. Because it is a complete set of products, it is mainly involved in the actual application, which is the size of the outlet line, and the size of the hole in the cabinet and the thickness of the plate. In the case of the current rubber grommet, the national standard usually has sales in the market, but not the subject matter. The rubber grommet is easy to install because of their simple structure, so they can be completed by manual installation without the aid of tools during installation.

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