Dongjin VRLA Gel Battery for UPS

The Dongjin ups gel batteryuses the sealed gel technology and is designed for highly-reliable, maintenance-free power for renewable energy applications. Depending on the advantage of gel technology, optimum grid, and plate design, the Dongjin gel battery offers the highest power and reliability for your equipment.

Advantage and Features s of VRLA Gel BatteryChinafor UPS

Gelled electrolyte By the high-tech gelled electrolyte, gel battery is completely leak-proof and spill-proof for easy installation in virtually any position even under water. It eliminates ultra-deep discharge and acid stratification damage.The critical pressure control valve maintains critical internal pressure while safety expelling excess gas generated during overcharging, for longer battery life. 100% tested for the highest performance.Brushed plate lugs provide the benefits. Low-resistance straps with outstanding lug-to-knit and eliminate dropped and loose plates that reduce performance and shorten battery life.Heavy-duty plates with high density and deep-cycle oxide active materials, advanced grid alloy for deep cycle use, provide quick rechargeability and superior deep-cycle and float performance in the most demanding applications.Be good at recovery from deep discharge Gel battery has a tight structure and relative supplies of gelled electrolyte always have some ions left to conduct charge current resulting in the excellent recovery from deep discharge characteristics.Completely maintenance-free use the "recombination" technique to replaces the oxygen and hydrogen normally lost in a met cell. Particularly in deep cycle applications (normally use the wet battery), and offer a real maintenance free battery.Tank formed plates offer optimum computerized formation, additional quality control, and improved voltage matching.Premium glass mat separators reduce gassing and improve gel filling and electron flowing, providing more power.Well low-temperature performance, even at very low-temperature the gelled electrolyte will not be frozen and provide good performance. The gel battery is well suited to low-temperature applications.Superior life. The Dongjin gel battery maintain a long cycle and float life, provide the lowest cost per month or lowest cost per cycle

The Applications of VRLA Gel Battery for UPS

Water pumpingWind generationCathodic protectionCommunicationsSolar systemElectric powered vehiclesGolf carsCommercial deep cycle applicationsPower plantUPS systems

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