LED Pixel Light EXC- P25AP2

EXC-P25AP2 full-color series consists of professional ultra-narrow chip LED pixel lights specially designed by EXC for outdoor high-rise landscape lighting. LED pixel dotsadopts top-level optical vision angle design, super remote multi-color and visual brightness consistency technology, and close range anti-glare design. Each pixel is a separate four-primary lighting pixel, and each pixel can realize 8/16bit grades grayscale changing; LED pixel dots can be used for extra-large area display of building facades, contour shaping, interior, and exterior surface decoration lighting; the pixel pitch can be customized; the installation methods are various.

The product fixtures withstand the sea salt and harsh environment.UV Resistance and Salt Spray Resistance.

Specification Optical Parameters of LED Pixel Dots Light 3W EXC- P25AP2

LED Brand: CREE, Lumileds, Epistar, Taiwan series, Osram

Color: RGB, RGB+W, W,etc

Beam Angle: 110° degree, Open beam, and other angles optional

Source Life: 50,000h

Electrical Parameters of LED Pixel Dots Light 3W EXC- P25AP2

Working Voltage: DC 24V

Rated Power: Maximum:2.7W

Control Parameters of LED Pixel Dots Light 3W EXC- P25AP2

Control Method: DMX512/On Off

Gray Scale: 8Bits/16Bits

Control System: EXC-ALL the lights control system

Structural Parameters of LED Pixel Dots Light 3W EXC- P25AP2

Shell Material: PC

Surface Color: Black&White, Other colors optional

Structure Size: 80mm x 29mm x 20mm (L x W x H, exclude Mounting Bracket)

Total Weight: 30g

Environmental Parameters of LED Pixel Dots Light 3W EXC- P25AP2

Working Temperature: -40°C to 50°C

Storage Temperature: -40°C to 65°C

Protection rating: IP66

Application environment: Outdoor

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