Wholesale Outdoor Lighting

Established in 2002, as a professional wholesale outdoor lightingmanufacturer, our company provides different types of outdoor lightsfixtures for customers. Outdoor lamps and light fixtures supplied by us cover a wide range, including spotlight, path light, underground light, wall wash light, etc. We also provide customized outside lighting parts to better meet the needs of customers, very cost-effective in our wholesale price. Outdoor LightsPro mainly produces all kinds of low voltage landscape lighting for customers, we have spotlight, path lights hardscape lights, wall wash light, and underground light etc, You can understand that all the low voltage landscape lights we can make for you. If you want to learn more, you also can learn about various types of outdoor lighting ppt as a reference.

As an outdoor lamp manufacturer, we provide different types of outdoor lights with different outdoor lighting cost. Our landscape lighting highlights the characteristics of intelligence and quality. Through our intelligent system, users can easily control the color temperature, colors, brightness, etc. of the light to make the landscape more distinctive. Our landscape lights use the high-quality copper brass products which make the landscape lamps more elegant and texture. Our integrated landscape lamps with suitable outdoor light price are widely praised by the market, especially the Eagle lamp series and are leading in wholesale outdoor lighting suppliers. Eagle spotlight, Eagle path light, Eagle hardscape light and Eagle hardscape light. The eagle's LOGO is adopted on the lamp body, which reflects strength, courage and freedom. At the same time, an integrated design is adopted to enhance the brightness and intelligent control of the lighting, while fully considering the life of the product and the embodiment of the optics, so that users can better realize the landscape design they want.

Smart Outdoor Light Fixtures

In the eagle series, we mainly update the below features of the latest smart led light fixtures, the eagle shape logo which stands for power, courage and freedom, then we upgraded the design of the led module and driver module which can be replaced easily.

Additionally, compared with other outdoor lighting manufacturers, all the new led smart light fixtures we designed are waterproof which can be better used for outdoor applications. Our company has different types of new smart led fixture for sale: eagle hardscape light, eagle spot light, eagle path light, and eagle flood light. All these new smart outdoor light fixtures are of attractive design and with an advanced system. Buy our new garden light in bulk and get the most competitive wholesale outdoor smart lighting fixture price of new outdoor light.


Our Eagle Hardscape Light is designed to meet personal and comfortable lighting needs for more convenient lighting control and management. To achieve the second energy energy-saving lighting and maintenance costs, it has some basic elements: soft start, precise dimming color, dynamic display, etc. Second, it has intelligent control functions: it has easy-to-operate, satisfying and comfortable lighting control.


The object of garden lighting is different from indoor lighting and architectural environment lighting. Its main purpose is to enhance the effect of scenery and create a night landscape. Therefore, in terms of the type of light source, the Eagle Spot Light with better direction and control ability should be selected as much as possible, and the use of ordinary floodlighting lamps should be reduced.


Eagle Path Light is an integrated LED brass path light for landscape lighting. Eagle path light by Outdoor Lights Pro, a reliable supplier in lighting fixtures, is with antique brass appearance and unique eagle design. This high quality waterproof metal pathway light allows wattage dimming, creating a rather romantic atmosphere for the outdoor garden.


As a professional company, Outdoor Lights Pro provides high quality eagle flood light. This waterproof led outdoor floodlight is rather energy-saving with a relatively long lifespan. Its unique eagle design and attractive brass appearance make it popular among our customers.

Different Types of Outdoor Lights

Lighting Fixture

Hardscape Light

Spot Light

Path Light

Flood Light

As a professional outside lamps supplier, Our company provides different types of outdoor lighting products, including lighting fixture and brass fixture. For the convenience of our customers, we also offer a variety of led bulbs, accessories and transformers to match the outdoor lighting system. Customers can easily find the appropriate parts in our website.

Brass Fixture

Spot Light Fixture

Path Light Fixture

Well Light Fixture

Flood Light Fixture

Light fittings in brass combine both traditional antique and modern industrial style, very popular among our customers. The natural bronze finish adds beauty to your home and the cold forged brass ensures the maximum durability.

Led Bulb

G4 Led Bulb

MR8 Led Bulb

MR11 Led Bulb

MR16 Led Bulb

PAR 36 Led Bulb

As a reliable outdoor light fixture manufacturer, we offer light bulbs with different sizes, designs, and functions, such as the safe G4 Led Bulb with low voltage, MR11 Led Bulb with direct-insertion local lighting, PAR 36 Led Bulb, etc.



Ground Stake


Eagle Hardscape Flood Light Fixture

Wire Nut

As a reliable outdoor light fixture manufacturer, we offer light bulbs with different sizes, designs, and functions, such as the safe G4 Led Bulb with low voltage, MR11 Led Bulb with direct-insertion local lighting, PAR 36 Led Bulb, etc.


75W Transformer

150W Transformer

300W Transformer

Transformers also play an important role in exterior light fitting. The realization of electric energy transfer relies on this static equipment. As a reputable outside lamp company, we provide common transformers with 75W, 150W, and 300W constant voltage power.

Wholesale Outdoor Lightings FAQs

How many lumens are suitable to light bulbs for outdoor fixtures?

Regarding the lumens it depends on the wattage, we usually suggest the outdoor lights mainly need lumen from 200lm to 1500lm. When it comes to the lumens of outside light fittings, we will think about the wattage. Actually, lumens depend on the wattage. As a professional outdoor lamp company, we would suggest lumens from 200lm to 1500lm in terms of decorative outdoor led light bulbs.

What type of custom outdoor lighting fixtures is best?

A suitable size and high-quality one with the suitable cost for outdoor lighting are the best. As far as we know, the brass material is of the highest quality as it is very heavy and strong. Normally, outdoor lighting products made of brass material is of the highest quality, very heavy, and strong. Concerning different types of decorative commercial outdoor lighting fixtures, when selecting your ideal one, you should take such factors as the size, price, quality, and aesthetic value into consideration. If you want to buy outdoor lighting, please contact us!

What color temperature is best for outdoor hardscape lighting?

Regarding the color temperature, currently, mainly 2700K and 3000K are both ok because they are warm color temperature and color more beautiful. For the color temperature of outdoor lighting sets, as a reliable outdoor lighting manufacturer with years of experience, we would say that currently 2700K and 3000K are both suitable as they are warm color temperature, tending to be more beautiful.

How bright should outdoor hardscape lighting be?

Regarding the brightness of outdoor hardscape lighting, it depends on each item, if the area is big, we suggest use high wattage, but for small area usage, we suggest use less brightness light. The brightness of outdoor lights depends on each item. In big areas like park and square, we suggest the high wattage outside lights, while for small areas, less brightness light is preferred.

What is a good wattage to led light bulbs for outdoor fixtures?

Usually for the outdoor spotlight fixtures, we suggest wattage from 3W-12W, and for walkway lighting fixtures, we suggest use 5W, and for hardscape light, we suggest use 2W. As a professional company specializing in outdoor lighting, we suggest wattage from 3W-12W for the exterior spot light with flexible lens, 5W for the practical and decorative outdoor path light, and 2W for the water-resistant hardscape light.

What is the brightest decorative outdoor led light bulbs?

Normally the wattage is higher then the brightness will be high, currently we have the brightest is 12W wattage. Under normal circumstances, higher wattage generates higher brightness. So outdoor light fixtures with different wattage differ in their brightness. And currently, as far as our outdoor lighting products are concerned, we have the brightest 12W wattage one.

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