Racing Drone FPV Frame 140


F140 racing drone build kit, small as a sparrow, it is nonetheless equipped with everything for professional FPV racing. With 7075 aviation-grade aluminum fuselages, your racing drone is capable of dealing with considerable impact in case of a crash. In addition, the degree scale on the fuselage is laser cut, which makes mini fpv drone kit convenient for players to adjust the angle of the camera by themselves. There are also two kinds of mounting holes - 20 x 20mm and 30.5 x 30.5mm for installing different flight controllers.

Main Features of Complete FPV Drone Kit:

● Robust 3K carbon fiber true X frame and 7075 aviation-grade aluminum fuselage● Specially designed mount for GoPro Session, RunCam Swift Mini / Micro Swift● Degree scale facilitates adjusting the angle of the camera● 20 x 20mm and 30.5 x 30.5mm mounting holes for different flight controllers● Comes with super bright LED taillights for flying at night

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