Crankshaft Position Sensors

The car crankshaft sensordetermines the position of crankshaft, that is, the angle of crankshaft and engine speed. It usually works together with camshaft position sensor to determine the basic ignition time. Through the crankshaft position sensor, you can know which cylinder piston is at the top dead center. Through the camshaft position sensor, you can know which cylinder piston is in the compression stroke, then engine ECU transmits the ignition signal to this cylinder.

The crankshaft sensorsupplied by MAPMS collects the crankshaft angle and engine speed signals to input them to the ECU to determine the injection sequence, injection timing, ignition sequence and ignition timing, and then judge whether the engine is on misfire according to the crankshaft angle fluctuation monitored by the signal.

Crankshaft Position Sensors Features

Accurately detect the position change of the crankshaft.

Guaranteed accurate fuel injection timing and ignition timing.

The engine speed signal is stable and the fuel injection quantity is precisely controlled.

Make sure that the car engine has good economic performance and acceleration performance.

What Are the Symptoms of a Bad Crankshaft Position Sensors ?

In case of the crank sensoris damaged, the ECU cannot receive the reference signal when starting, and the ignition coil will not generate high voltage. If the engine is not started 2S after the ignition switch is turned on, the ECU will cut off the control voltage to the fuel pump relay and stop the power supply to the fuel pump and ignition coil, resulting in the failure of starting the vehicle. If the following symptoms occur, the crankshaft position sensor may have failed.

There is No Idle Speed

There is no idle speed, or the engine trembles seriously at idle speed, the exhaust pipe makes a blasting sound during refueling, which is occasionally accompanied by a blasting sound, and the refueling is dead.

The Deviation is Serious and Cannot Be Started

The deviation is serious and cannot be started. Some models will hear the impact sound in the engine when the motor is turned on, which is the sound of the piston hitting the valve. This will not happen in advanced vehicles.

The Vehicle Starting Time Becomes Longer

The vehicle starting time becomes longer. The engine depends on the camshaft position sensor to continue to work, but the starting time may be relatively long, and the automotive constant speed cruise cannot work normally. There will also be engine shaking, white smoke and other phenomena.

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