40-70mm DC Axial Fans

40-70mm small china axial fanis equiqpment cooler, which is to circulate air and regulate temperature in small ventilation space. The size of compact axial fansis not big, but there is no weakening of its intended effect, and it even saves more room than a 120mm axial fan.

WHEE offers quality DC axial coolerfans from 40mm to 70mm. Featuring dual ball bearing and sleeve bearing. Find specially designed axial fan supplied by the certified cooling fan manufacturerfrom China.

WHEE products have complied with law and discipline not to employ the forbidden substances, and restrict the allowable concentration of some limited substances deliberately in our components.

All WHEE DC cooling fans are designed to meet UL, cUL and CE standards.

40-70mm DC Axial Fans Functions

FG: FG Signal

RD: RD Signal

PWM: PWM Signal

VC: Voltage Control

TC: Temperature Control

40-70mm cooling fanList

40*40*10 DC Axial Fans

40*40*20 DC Axial Fans

40*40*28 DC Axial Fans

40*40*56 DC Axial Fans

50*50*10 DC Axial Fans

50*50*15 DC Axial Fans

60*60*10 DC Axial Fans

60*60*15 DC Axial Fans

60*60*20 DC Axial Fans

60*60*25 DC Axial Fans

60*60*38 DC Axial Fans

70*70*15 DC Axial Fans

70*70*20 DC Axial Fans

70*70*25 DC Axial Fans

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