As we all know moisture in the house can create humidity,and this muggy air can make you uncomfortable especially on those warm summer days, the moisture in the air makes it feel much hotter than what the thermometer says.Aside from the lack of comfort, a rise in excess air moisture can actually lead to building and property damage, can have dramatic and ongoing health repercussions for your family.

Thenow ceiling mounted dehumidifier, according to the dehumidification capacity, can remove 28L to 120L moisture per day from the air and replace it with fresh, filtered air. The duct mounted dehumidifier helps to keep indoor air at a reasonable humidity level, which helps to keep every member of the family healthy.

Features of Ceiling Mounted Dehumidifier:

Super dehumidification, capacity from 28l to 120l per day, keep your family away from dampness

whole house dehumidification with one machine

Environmental refrigerant, more environmentally friendly and efficient

High energy efficiency ratio, the dehumidification effect is better at the same energy consumption.

Four- stage air speed, three gear adjustment within display board, wider control range, more quiet.

Differential two-device design, more dew point temperatures and dehumidification can be obtained.

Modular push-pull design is convenient for maintenance.

Positive pressure drainage, no leaks. Keep the tray dry and avoid bacterial breeding.

No need for water bending, drainage has power, installation does not require strict level.

Standard 485 communication interface, make all interconnection possible.

App control, which can be controlled anytime,anywhere

One key intelligent control, no need to manually switch fresh air valve.

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