Residential ERV/HRV

Residential ERVis whole house ervventilation with heat recovery. You can also call it whole house air exchanger or whole house fresh air system.

Constant fresh air in your home is an important aspect to maintain the indoor air quality. A good ventilation system will protect your family from unpleasant odors and harmful contaminants such as formaldehyde and VOCs. Opening window is a simply way to increase ventilation, it can make your air feel less stuffy, but pollen and other allergens will be invited into your home at the same time.

Alston Ceeyee Invented a kind of whole house fresh air system, which can realize indoor air circulation. It can bring in fresh air from outside after sterilization, and filtration, meanwhile, the indoor air is discharged from the room. There is an air-to-air heat exchanger inside too, which realizes heat exchanging between the two air streams. It can be installed in most indoor environments, which is convenient to install and comfortable to use. The residential ERV/HRV is a healthy choice for home life.

cellar ventilation systems

As we all know,climate control is an extremely important part of any wine cellar design,especially keeping constant and stable temperature and humidity environment. The role of the proper cellar cooling system plays is becoming obviously. Thenow wine cellar constant temperature and humidity system can maintain the proper wine storage enviornment in the range of 10~16 degree centigrade and 50~70% RH, whatever your wine your wine cellar located in cool climate or temperature climate or hot and humid climates or hot and arid climates.

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