Total Air System

Aircon with humidity controlunit is an integrated system which maintain requested IAQ as a whole. For precision air conditioning units, they can control the humidity levels and temperature range very precisely. Mainly used for computer rooms and database room. For swimming pool dehumidifier and air conditioner, they can manage the swimming pool humidity, air temperature and even water temperature. For wine cellar climate control systems, they can always maintain the humidity and temperature to a best suitable degree. For passive house ventilating dehumidifier and air conditioners, they are mainly for the energy-efficient construction with good sealing, such as passive house. These air conditioner humidity control systemdevices can not only control humidity and temperature but also bring in fresh air and exhaust stale indoor air. What's more, there are air-to-air heat exchanger core inside, thus can preserve most energy from the stale air.

Air-source Heat Pump

Nowadays, the standards of people's living are improving, not only to install air-conditioning, floor heating, and better-conditioned homes,but also to install ventilator, dehumidification and other equipment. A person with insights who is more environmentally conscious, and also install solar energy products,such as Solar water heaters, Solar power generation systems, etc.

As a result, the ceiling was filled with pipes, remote controls, older people who could not adapt,and equipment filled the balcony. Could there be a device that can take these problems one step at a time? Now, after many years of research and development and experimentation, the multi-functional constant temperature and humidityand temperature machine of Thenow enterprise can integrate heat sources or cold sources at the same time, and achieve one machine multi-use, high energy efficiency, and low energy consumption by using solar energy driven or dual-cooled source capillary pipe networks.

Thenow energy recovery ventilator heat pump is developed for energy-saving buildings, which can intelligently control the temperature and humidity, and provide fresh clean air constantly. Adopting split design, this ERV heat pump is divided into the indoor unit and outdoor unit. Combining of full heat recovery technology, air source heat pump, and carbon dioxide air quality detection technology, its energy consumption will be ultra low.

Features of ERV Heat Pump:

Variable frequency DC compressor

External DC motor and internal EC motor

PLC intelligent control system with 485 interfaces and wi-fi module

With heat recovery section and heat returning temperature section

Using positive pressure, avoid water leakage

Brass material condenser, efficient heat dissipation, and anti-corrosion

Automatic operation with dehumidification, cooling, heating, ventilation

Air purification: pre-filter + medium filter + HEPA filter, eliminating PM2.5 and VOC

Vacation mode is workable

Two-stage electronic expansion valve

Technical Data of Energy Recovery Ventilator Heat Pump:




Control Temperature


Control Humidity



Air Flow



Rate Cooling Capacity


Rate Heating Capacity


Cooling Input Power


Heating Input Power


Rate Dehumidification



Rate Motor Power



Outer Static Pressure






Input Voltage


AC 220 / 50Hz / 1N


Connection Duct Size

(Air duct/Liquid duct)


Injection Refrigerant(R410A)





Internal Unit Dimension



External Unit Dimension



Triple Sterilization

Safe for man-machine co-existence.

Triple sterilization, three-layer air filtration,

zero consumables, No ozone emission.

The Core Technology Pure ESP System

Thenow Pure ESP system combined traditional ESP and catalytic coupling technology(Patent technology. Patent NO..8). It retains the advantages of traditional ESP and as well as removed the disadvantage(Too much ozone) of it. As we already know, electrostatic technology can be used in air filtration and sterilization. Meanwhile, there will be massive ozone produced which is harmful to human being. However, ThenowPure ESP system can decompose ozone on its patented catalytic plate completely. After discompose, much of hydroxyl radical is generated. This can efficiently promote the decomposition of VOCS such as formaldehyde and toluene at room temperature. And it`s also good for further sterilization. So it's a Pure ESP system.

Three-layer Filtration System

First: Pre-filter

Prevents large suspended particles such as dust and fluff in the air.

Second: ESP module

Filtration of particulate matter ( Filter fineness smallest to PM 0.1)

Third: CF catalytic plate filter

Catalytically decomposing ozone generated by high-voltage static electricity and other VOCs such as formaldehyde etc. (O3+VOCs =H2O+CO2)

Big Air Volume Circulation, Removable device for flexible use.

The circulating air volume is up to 424m3 /h, suitable for room area 21-36m2.

Removable device. Move it where needed.

Elegant appearance Simple and clean

Structure design inspired by aviation dual engine. Simple design and easy matching.

More home-match appearance design, different from the industrial style in the market.

ECO Light Sense

Intelligently sensing ambient light,More comfortable

The light sensor always monitor the light in the room and then automatically the device adjusts its operation speed and light. When it`s bright, the air quality indicator light and touch panel light are on. When it`s dark, all the lights are off to avoid influence on sleep.

Comfortable and Smart

Quality centrifugal fan with large air volume, low noise and low energy consumption.

With PM2.5 And CO2 laser sensors for more precise control of air quality and intelligent adjustment.

Authorized Certification

Air natural bacteria killing rate up to 93.26%

Staphylococcus albus killing rate up to 99.98%

If you want to know more about how to maintain constant humidity, please contact us.

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