Диэлектрическое зеркало, зеркало Брэгга

A dielectric mirror, also known as a Bragg mirror, is a type of mirror composed of multiple thin layers of dielectric material, typically deposited on a substrate of glass or some other optical material. By careful choice of the type and thickness of the dielectric layers, one can design an optical coating with specified reflectivity at different wavelengths of light. Dielectric mirrors are also used to produce ultra-high reflectivity mirrors: values of 99.999% or better over a narrow range of wavelengths can be produced using special techniques. Alternatively, they can be made to reflect a broad spectrum of light, such as the entire visible range or the spectrum of the Ti-sapphire laser. Mirrors of this type are very common in optics experiments, due to improved techniques that allow inexpensive manufacture of high-quality mirrors. Examples of their applications include laser cavity end mirrors, hot and cold mirrors, thin-film beamsplitters, and the coatings on modern mirrorshades. BRD Optical has various dielectric mirrors for sale. If you want to buy dielectric mirrors, please feel free to contact us.


Description Of Dielectric Mirror


Dielectric mirror is an optical mirror made of thin layers of dielectric coating deposited on an optical substrate. We offer dielectric laser mirrors for fixed, narrowband or broadband wavelength applications covering wavelength ranges from UV to IR. Wide selection of round, elliptical or custom shapes as well as flat, spherical, cylindrical surface mirror.


BRD Optical provide the Visible broadband dielectric, UV dielectric coating, etc.


Specifications Of Dielectric Mirror



Flat, Sphere, Cylinder, or customized   shape


Fused silica/ Silica/ BK7 Glass



Clear aperture

>90% of dimension

Surface quality

40/20, 20/10 Scratch-Dig

Surface Irregularity





UV/ VIS dielectric coating


BRD Optical is one of professional optical mirror manufacturers. We provide Plano Concave Cylindrical Lens, Plano Convex Cylindrical Lens, dielectric mirror for sale, dielectric mirror buy, broadband dielectric mirror, precision optical components and so on. Want to know about dielectric mirror cost? Please conatct us.


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