Tripod Turnstiles

Tripod turnstile models are space efficient security barriers, tripod barrier gateis specially used for the opening and closing of personnel exits and entrances, such as canteens, hotels, office buildings, museums, stadiums, clubs, subways, stations, terminals, tourist attractions and other places. The movement of the three-stick turning machine has an automatic adjustment hydraulic shock absorber. When tripod turnstile is used, the sound is small, no impact, and the brake lever automatically decelerates back. Learn more about Tripod Turnstiles by clicking on the products below or using the filters.

ZOJE Tripod Turnstile Gates Model No. ZOJE-S906

ZOJE-S906 is an attractive one way turnstile. As access control tripod security gates, it is reliable and efficient for the automation of secure entrance control. With its raised screen display sector, ZOJE-S906 tripod turnstile can make the most use of the ticketing systems to show visitors the detailed information of each verification. The cabinet will offer enough space for all mechanical and electronic components integrating with a wide range of access control systems, such as coin collector, paper ticket collector, IC / ID / RFID / HID card reader, QR code scanner, fingerprint, face recognition and other biometric modules.

ZOJE Tripod Turnstile GateSlim Style Model No. ZOJE-S107

ZOJE-S107 is fully capable of handling areas with high pedestrian volume. The compact unit makes ZOJE-S107 easy to construct a multiple lane set-up while the variety of color choice allows you to match this tripod turnstile perfectly to your lobby, team or company image. ZOJE-S906 can be configured to allow access in a single or bidirectional direction depending on project needs. This half height tripod turnstile gate is easy to install and maintain. All kinds of access control system modules can be integrated into the cabinet.

ZOJE Tripod Turnstile Gates Vertical Type Model No. ZOJE-S206

Vertical tripod turnstile gates are the best choice for the basic needs of entrance access control as they are relatively cheap if you are having a limited budget. Besides, they can save you a lot of space if the installation area is strictly restricted. As a turnstile mechanism, the vertical tripod turnstile gate ZOJE-S206 is compact, flexible, easy to install and remove. Though they are small, they can offer sufficient space to integrate any access control module. These mechanical turnstiles are mostly applied to stadiums, gyms, school libraries, recreation and amusement parks, construction sites, etc.

ZOJE Tripod Turnstile Gates Model No. ZOJE-S406

If you are looking for tripod turnstile gates not only with trendy design but also powerful components to work as a truly qualified robust entry security guard, don't miss this model, three arm turnstile ZOJE-S406, one of our best-sellers. You will find that they can make every entry and exit under proper control even with large pedestrian volumes. With its solid construction, this tripod turnstile gate ZOJE-S406 is equipped with different communication interfaces to be integrated with all kinds of access control systems. Any customization requirements are welcomed.

ZOJE Tripod Turnstile Gates Model No. ZOJE-S806

Stylish tripod turnstile with solid construction.

In case of power failure, arm will drop automatically for the sake of safety.

We can customize according to your specific needs.

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