Bicycle Cycle Brake Lever Parts

Our cycle brake leverparts select high-quality material, sturdy and durable in use. Our brake lever for cycle is of super strength and durability, long-lasting usage. Bike brake lever parts' exquisite and smooth lines offer a comfortable and easy control condition for your hand. For more bicycle brake lever types, Inquiry us for competitive bike brake lever parts.

Bike Brake Lever Types

We have different bicycle brake lever types. Our power bike brake levers, racing bike brake levers and radius bike brake levers are of high quality.

Mountain Bike Brake Levers( Brake Levers)

Except for common city bike brake levers, our MTB cable brake levers are available for kids needs, our children's bike brake levers are especially be designed to meet the demands of mountain bike brake levers for small hands.

Road Bike Brake Lever Types

Our road bicycle brake levers have road bike brake lever adjustments to meet more road bike brake lever types, Our road bike dual brake levers and road bike brake levers for small hands are designed with strict processing conditions. Our products are all meet international standards and gained many good testimonials.

Dual Brake Lever For Bicycle Types

The Jinpo dual brake lever is a single lever that allows for a single-hand control setup and eliminates brake steer. It operates on almost every bike with cable pull dual lever bike brakes (front and rear), including some bikes that don't have left/right brakes installed. The dual brake lever for bicycles pulls both cables, so it can be used on most bikes.

Bicycle Brake Lever PartsTechnical Specifications

Item name

Mountain bike lever


Aluminum alloy




Brake lever


Mountain bike

Bike Brake Lever Adjustment

Gather Your Supplies

Remove Bar Tape

Disconnect and Remove Brake Cables

Remove the Old Brake Levers

Attach New Brake Levers

Reconnect the Brake Cables

Wrap Your Handle Bars (Recommended)

Bicycle Brake Lever Parts FAQs


Are bicycle brake levers universal?


Yes, bicycle brake levers are universal. However, not all brakes are created equal. As a result, there are many different models of brake levers for each type of brake system.


Is small quantity available?


Yes, a small quantity for a trial order is available. We are professional manufacturer of bike brake components, with no miniumu order.


How do you ensure quality control?


We inspect every process based on your drawings or samples and also check the products before packing.

If you want to know more about cycle brake lever price, please contact us.

As one of bike brake manufacturers, we can offer different kinds of related products for sale, anything you need, please leave us a message.

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