OTR, TBB, TBR Tires For Sale

Aulice offers a wide range of quality heavy duty tyresfor commercial and industrial uses to meet any clients' budget and operational requirements. Our tyres made in chinaincludes TBR tires,TBB tire,OTR tires, whose sizes range from 6.50R16 to 12R24 for TBR tires,17.5-25,20.5-25,23.5-25,26.5-25 etc. for china otr tyrewith different PLY rates. We also have full sizes of TBB tire (Bias Nylon tyre) for agricultural vehicles, forklift cars, etc, to satisfy our clients' needs from all over the world. Our various kinds of tyre patterns have delivered proven results in all-wheel positions for the long haul and regional fleets across the whole world.

Innovation, technology and quality is our biggest strength.

HUBEI AULICE TYRE CO., LTD is an all-in-one tire manufacturer of scientific research, design, production, and sales, which specialized in producing all-steel radial TBR/OTR tires with different kinds of patterns.

As one of china truck tires manufacturers, Aulice owns an independent Tire Formula Structure Research Institute to develop new tyre products to meet different market needs. Meanwhile, there is an experienced technical team compromised of huge numbers of senior engineers and professional technicians who obtained many design patents, which continues to innovate and upgrade our tire products. To guarantee the quality of the product, AULICE adopts top advanced technologies and installed international high-level testing instruments. Since now, Aulice's tire products, such as, agricultural farm tyres and semi off road tyreshave been sold to more than 30 foreign countries and received a high evaluation in all over the world.

Types of Tires for Sale-Find the Best OTR, TBB, TBR Tires for Your Vehicles

TBR Tyre

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OTR Tyre

Explore OTR Tyre Sizes


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Tire Buying Guide

When it's time for selecting a new series of OTR, TBB, TBR tires, choosing the right tires for your trucks and buses is as easy as knowing what, where, and how you drive. Follow these two tips on buying tires can help you buy the right OTR, TBB, TBR tires at a reasonable tire price.

Know Your Vehicle Make, Model & Tire Size

Whatever your vehicle type is, it's guaranteed that there will be custom made tyres built for it. Check your manual for tire recommendations, or use the handy widget we provided to narrow your tire search by vehicle type. Some drivers would like to replace their tires with same size tires they used before, as your owner's manual likely recommends. Other drivers may like to upsize or downsize their tires. Some drivers may select a lower profile tire in order to improve the handling and stability of their car, especially when they drive a smaller vehicle.

Put It All Together: Understanding What, Where & How You Drive

In addition to considering your vehicle type and the climate you will drive on, think about the condition of roads you frequently use and how you usually drive. Are you an avid off-roader that yearns to pioneer new paths? A highway commuter that needs to maximize fuel efficiency? All drivers could benefit from different types of tires, despite their vehicle type.

Talk to us. We make sure that our tires are thoroughly tested prior to putting them on our shelves. Where appropriate, products are stretched, pounded, pressed, boiled, baked, submerged and crushed before we perform our own evaluations. Our Products are CCC GCC DOT BIS SNI SGS, ISO certificated which means all the tyres we deliver to you are with many years' warranty.

OTR, TBR, TBB Tire Reviews

Vietnam Market Feedback

Super overload and punch resistance

South America Market Feedback

Long mileage with fuel saving

Africa Market Feedback

Good quality with competitve price


What is the commercial tire age limit?

Our commercial tire can usually run for 10 years or more.

How many miles can your heavy truck tyre run?

For Tubeless tyre, normally it is around 250,000km in high way road.

Do you have the overload tyre?

Yes, we have some sizes and patterns for overload tyre.

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