Smart AB Wheel

What are the Benefits of a smart ab wheel machine?

The smart abdominal exercise roller wheel can safely and effectively train the pectoral muscles, deltoid muscles, abdominal muscles, and back muscles through an ultra-simple movement. Compared with the traditional abdominal fitness wheel, there is no need to worry about hurting yourself due to poor strength and movement out of control.

Using the smart abdominal wheel ab roller can automatically rebound, choose the strength, and get more professional training guidance. According to the fitness data recorded in the background, specify a more effective fitness plan to improve the quality of fitness.

How Smart AB Roller Exercise Machine Works?

The inside of the ab roller exercise machineis designed with spring steel sheets, which makes the AB roller wheel have strong resilience when in use. This rebound force can effectively offset the momentum of our forward sliding. The abdominal AB roller slides smoothly while maintaining the balance of the body, which ultimately ensures that we are safe and not injured during exercise; for the same reason, it is relatively easy for us to slide back the wheel due to the existence of resilience.

The built-in Bluetooth can match the mobile APP, and display the single exercise count and the cumulative number of exercises in real-time. With the data, we can more clearly grasp the situation of each exercise.

Why Choose China AB Wheel Manufacturers?

Judging from the market situation, there are many different types of AB rollers in China. The AB wheel suppliers have developed new products from various factors such as ID design, fitness effect, and fitness safety. Though the quality of ab wheel equipment varies, there are many high-quality smart abdominal wheels in China market.

With excellent APP experience, the mature abdominal fitness rollers in the Chinese market are also exported to overseas markets.

For more information intelligent fitness equipmentand smart exercise equipment, please feel free to contact us!

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