10CBM LPG Skid Mobile Gas Station

10CBM LPG Skid Mobile Gas Station

Our Company is one of the top five hundred private enterprises in China, and we specialize in different special trucks like lpg skid station. With movable function, LPG skid station consists of different valves, pumps, storage tank, etc single part and steel base. Less cost, operating simply, moving easily, less occupation, and quick construction advantages make it very popular and convenient in different areas. Tank's capacity is from 5m3 to 120m3.


The advantage of CLW 10CBM LPG SkidMobile Gas Station

  1. 2.Exact and stable scaling and good quality dispenser, from which can fill different medium.3. We can cater to your requirements, especially for diameter and dimension.4.Advanced arc welding technology with professional welding workers.5. With 4 layer painting, the outer tank can be protected well.6. Releasing the other pressure for the inner tank.7. Two pumps can be used mutually for the emergency situation.8. With different valves, the safety precaution is taken well.

The specification of CLW 10m3 LPG Skid Station

10 CBMLPG Skid Station

Volume of Tank

10 CBM

Filling Weight


Tank Weight

2950 kg

Thickness of Shell (mm)

10 mm

Thickness of Endplate (mm)

10 mm

Tank Diameter (mm)

1600 mm

Tank Dimensions (mm)

5260 x 1620 x 2210 mm

Material of Tank and Main Pressure Parts

Carbon Steel Q345R

Filling Medium

Liquefied Petroleum Gas ( Propane)

Design Pressure

Corrosion Allowance

1 mm

Medium Density

420 kg/ cbm

Manufacturing Standard: Pressure vessels, Supervision Regulation on Safety Technology for Stationary Pressure Vessels of China.

Main parts of LPG Tank




Discharge Pipe



Inflow Pipe






Gas phase balance pipes






Drain Hole



Main accessories:Cut-off Valve, Safety Valve, Liquid level meter, Pressure gauge, ThermometerFilling System:1. LPG Filling Machine for 5kg to 150kg cylinders, can printing receipt after filling.2. 380V Filling Pump with Motor.3. Valves for Safety: Safety Valve, Safety Reverse Valve, Pipe Safety Valve, Shock -absorbing Pipe,

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