Axles 40M3 Carbon Steel Fuel Tank Trailers

Carbon Steel Fuel tanker trailer is mainly used to transport petroleum products, also for kerosene, diesel oil, vegetable oil, cooking oil and coal tar and other substances. The tank has built-in multiple reinforced wave partition plates, and the bottom of the partition plate has through holes to reduce the impact of fuel oil in the tank during driving and improve the strength of the tank body.

The combination tank mouth is located at the top of the tank body. There is a self-locking small cover above the large cover. The breathing valve is installed on the upper side of the large cover to ensure the same atmospheric pressure inside and outside the tank. The pump oil system is installed, and the power is taken from the transmission side through the power take-off device. Two fire extinguishers and special tools. Compared with ordinary Fuel tankers, the fuel tank trailer can effectively improve transport efficiency, and save fuel consumption.

Carbon steel oil tank trailerFor Sale with very competitive price from Chengli Special Automation Company!


The advantage of 2 Axles 40M3 Carbon Steel Fuel Tank Trailer

  1. 2.Rational structure, safe and comfortable driving cab design.3.Reasonable design, advanced technology, safety and reliability, energy saving andenvironmental protection.4.Axles are Chinese brand FUWA5.Secure connection and high safety

The specification of2Axle40m³CarbonSteel Fuel Tank Trailer


Fuel tank trailer

Vehicle Main Dimensions

Dimensions(L x W x H)mm


Wheel base (mm)


Overhang (front/rear) (mm)


Approach/Departure angle(°)


Weight in KGS

Curb Weight




Tank Body


Mono block cylinder



End plate


Lifting Ladder

Including top walkway and backside steel material

Bottom valve

2 sets of API pneumatic bottom valve

Discharging valve

2set 100mm discharging valves


1or 2/3 as custom need

Discharging pipe

4 rubber hose,2 pc,6m long

Manhole cover

Steel manhole cover,500mm,2sets with 2breather valves


Main beams

Special design 1 beam, connected by bolts and nuts with tanker body. Removed from tank body for separate transportation


2 axles

FUWA 13Ton

Landing gear

JOST brand two-speed, manual operating, heavy duty landing gear

King pin

JOST brand 2” bolt-in king pin


German design heavy duty mechanical suspension

Pneumatic Braking system

WABCO RE 6 relay valve. T30/30+T30 Spring brake chamber

Wheel rim


Complete chassis sand blasting to clean rust .1cost of anti-corrosive prime.2 coats of final paint


One standard tool box

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