Girder Bridge Traileris an indispensable category in the field of heavy cargo transportation. With the development of industry, especially the vigorous rise of heavy industries such as the chemical industry, nuclear power, and metallurgy, the construction of super mega equipment has become more and more common. Generally speaking, a modular trailer or SPMT (self-propelled modular transporter) can be used to transport such super mega parts, but it may not be suitable under certain circumstances, such as ground clearance height limit requirements during transportation. At this time, the girder bridge trailer is needed.


Normally, a girder trailerhas the characteristics of low transportation height, convenience, and safe loading and unloading. And as a professional heavy haulage trailer supplier, Rui Trailer's girder frame trailersgive full play to these characteristics. The super load weight ratio and modular design of our girder bridge trailer are leading in the industry.

Aiming to provide the best heavy transport trailers, Rui Trailer provides girder frame transportsolutions for the heavy-duty transport market both in China and oversea.


Mega equipment is huge and irregular, so it is difficult to load and bind. Girder Bridge Trailer is the safe way for such mega segment.

Since the equipment generally need to transport across, cities and regions and occupy a lot of lanes, sometimes they need to pass by roads or closed roads. Girder Bridge Trailer can save the time on transport way.

The application of computer and information technology such as CAD technology, animation simulation transportation have been used on design period. The popularization and application of computer technology will bring great changes to whole system.

The application of computer modeling, drawing and other software provides a scientific basis for the experiment and checking calculation of safety and equipment fabricate, saving time, energy and cost.

For more information about heavy haulage trailers for sale, please feel free to contact us!

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