Chinese tax authorities require all enterprises to complete a tax filing on a monthly basis (quarterly for representative offices), failure to do so may result in late interest penalties and fines. You may also be required by your headquarters’ management to update them on how well your business is going in China. To timely provide fairly presented financial statements may therefore be critical for the smooth operation of your business.

You may find it beneficial to outsource your financialbookkeeping and accounting in chinafunction at the beginning stages of your business. You will need access to local expertise from the very beginning and avoid any unnecessary corrective costs. We can help you set up standardized working procedures, integrate finance functions to your business infrastructure, and coach your business and future finance team at a cost-effective way.

Our outsource service team can work with your employees in China to handle the whole process of accounting service. We can sort out the most efficient work procedures, collect all relevant documents, discuss the sufficiency and legality thereof, performaccording to prevailing Chinese laws and regulations, and deliver local tax authority financial statements to you in a timely manner. According to your specific requirements, either from your local office or headquarters, we can prepare or propose a reporting package with an in-depth analysis for you.

can also communicate on your behalf with local tax authorities or any other government bodies as statutorily required to handle any issues that may arise during the course of your business operation, a tax audit, or business audit by other government bodies.

With the development of your business, if you deem it necessary to build up your in-house finance function, we can help you design the most appropriate structure, set up internal control procedures, hire suitable staff, and provide training for your entire finance team to ensure a smooth transfer from our professional team to your team.

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