Aluminum Foil for Hair Is Widely Used

Hair is a very delicate part of the body, so it's easily damaged, but it's also a basic part of our appearance, we all want to look our best, so we feel obligated to try different styles until we find the one that we like.

Can you use regular aluminum foil to dye hair?

Our hairdressing aluminum foil products that are designed specifically for use with the hair for this purpose, and they can be hairdressing foil roll and foil sheets with the various width, length, thickness, colors and etc, it's easier to work with the purpose of the hair salons and barbers, the truth is that hairdressing foil is a very versatile tool and can be used for several different tasks to create an array of interesting looks.

Features of Aluminum Foil for Hair

In the hairdressing world, foils are commonly used to add highlights to a client's hair, In addition to highlighting, you can use foils to do the lowlights, dye most of the hair and leave a few bits natural (sort of like the opposite of highlighting), protect sections of hair from becoming over-processed, add in additional streaks that are bleached or colored, touch up just the roots of color that are growing out.

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