The wine display cabinet rich, orderly and can highlight the characteristics of goods, shelves often keep tidy, plump, orderly, so that customers feel a lot of choices.

It should adapt to customers' consumption habits, choice way, and random psychology, and satisfy customers' psychology of seeking novelty and beauty.

Display to highlight the image of the product, it is best to form a focus in the display, so as to attract the attention of customers. the artistic characteristics of the wine display cabinet, give full play to the characteristics of each wine display cabinet, such as the iron cabinet, the use of high-grade pillars, flower POTS for its background. It is the wine ark of pure wood color, for example, need USES downy yellow lamplight, plus romantic emotional appeal will foil its high-grade.

How to choose wine storage cabinet?

For good wine, the storage environment of the wine display cabinet should take temperature, vibration, sunshine, and air quality into considerations. Since the wine is a fragile product packaged in glass bottles, wooden (solid wood) showcases can meet the load-bearing requirements of the overall placement and are similar in material to the wooden barrels used for red wine. Such a wine storage cupboard also conveys the craft value behind a drop of fine wine to consumers in sales. Invisibly add value to the product.

How to put wine display case?

For the convenience store, the wine cabinetdisplay is an important link to improve the brand image and increase the market share. Wine cabinet display allows wine products to be vividly displayed in front of consumers, making it easier to be accepted or recognized by the consumer. In addition, to increase choices, it has the effect of guiding and stimulating customers' interest in buying and promoting red wine sales. The display must be clearly classified. No matter which classification method is used, it should be based on consumer consumption habits to facilitate consumers' purchase.

How to maintain wine cabinet display?

We must place the wine cabinet steadily without any shaking to ensure the functionality of the wine showcase and prevent damage to the showcase structure. Keep the place where the showcase is placed in a ventilated and dry environment. Therefore, the windows should be opened frequently to better evaporate some unwanted substances in it faster and also make the placement The area of the tobacco and liquor showcase is even

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