trade show balloon

Categories: Inflatable balloon, trade show balloon, advertising balloon, Inflatable advertising service

Item specifics:

  1. Balloon publicity, Balloon modeling and balloons in art, Brand-new colored balloon, eye catching multicolor advertising balloon ,biodegrade, up-cycling, Heavy-duty PVC NYLON material, Made of EL ZONDA 600 Coated Fabric, 600D, water resistant, flame retardant, resistant to wear and tear, UV-protection, and Harmonious color fade resistant.
  2. Proven design and workmanship, Special in house designed internal lighting system avoid bulb from dropping and burning.
  3. Welded seams with an established reputation for seam integrity , Each seam reinforced with internal webbing for added overall strength and integrity
  4. Heavy duty harness and attachment points for ease of strain on sphere material, Reinforced sewing for “D” rings including cross stitching and added layers of material, Welded steel “D” rings to avoid ring opening and deformity under stress.
  5. Entire inflatable built to exceed rental standards and withstand higher winds
  6. Optional adjustable tether straps and cam buckles for professional and multiple installs

Place it on roof-top or on ground/in-front of your business, this quick inflated balloon is best for high percentage of visibility and moving traffic attention.

It is perfect way to publicize your territory and voice your mind, Shiny and Sparkly, Splendidly Bright.  That is your dream, our dream.

Material:Non-toxic, reinforced, UV-treated, commercial grade PVC tarpaulin & TPU Material

Printing & Color:Silk painting / Digital painting / Customized preference

Blower: Certified CE (220V, 50HZ) / UL (110V, 60HZ), plugs into a standard outlet or customized. Power: 780W, Voltage: 110-120V, 60HZ

Accessories: Material repair kit, Included Ground Stakes, Carrying Case, Water Hose, Stability Stakes, Patch Kit, Water Weight Bag, Continuous Airflow Blower

Certificate: Material with EN71, toy with EN14960, air blower with CE/UL

Delivery Time: 5-10 days

Package: Folds flat for compact storage, detaches quickly and mount kit disassembles for easy storage and transportation

Warranty: 3 Years






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