Automotive HUD

HUD ( Head-Up Display) can project the current speed, navigation and other information in front of the drivers, the drivers can see information without turning their heads or bowing their head,which make driving safer. With mass production experience of automotive hud, Sunny Automotive provides optical solution of different HUD(CHUD/WHUD/AR-HUD) and core optical components.

HUD up display for car
PGU (Picture Generation Unit): As a module for providing raw imaging, it is an important part of HUD.
Sunny Automotive provides different PGU solutions and core optical components (such as projection lens, microlens array, collimating lens, etc.) with mass production experience.

Projection Lens
Projection lens is a crucial part of PGU,and will directly affect the projection effect of HUD. Sunny Automotive can provides kinds of projection lens for customers needs.

Freeform Mirror
Freeform mirror/Concave mirror can not only improve the use of light energy but also satisfy the system's requirement of lighting directivity in imaging systems.
Sunny Automotive provides a freeform mirror/concave mirror with different sizes and materials to match different HUD optical systems and effectively improve system performance.

HUD diffuser is the core device of HUD for beam shaping, which directly affects the imaging performance. Sunny Automotive can provide a variety of sizes and materials (plastic/glass) diffuser products.

We provide car windscreen projector, car windscreen display, automobile hud, car hud head up display, windshield dashboard display, etc. For more information, please feel free to contact us!

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