Regular Nylon 6 Yarn

nylon 6 yarnis made from nylon-6 chips, with the application of meltdown spinning method. It has good performance in high intensity, abrasion resistance and advantageous dye-ability. It can be blended with all kinds of cloth and knitwear. Nylon 6 drawn texturing yarn (DTY) made from nylon 6 POY is a kind of fiber with certain crimpness and elasticity through traction and false twist texturing. Fabric made of nylon 6 yarn has desirable elasticity, high intensity and it is the major raw material of knitting and machine woven articles.

Highsun Regular Nylon 6 Yarn Lists

  • Nylon 6 POY

  • Nylon 6 FDY
  • Nylon 6 DTY

  • Nylon 6 HOY

  • Nylon 6 ATY

  • Nylon 6 Monofilament

  • Nylon 6 Mother Yarn

  • Nylon 6 Porous Superfine Filament

  • Nylon 6 Carded Mono Filament
  • Nylon 6 Flat Yarn

Regular Nylon 6 Yarn FAQs

  • What is the regular packing of nylon 6 DTY?

3kg/cone, 8cones/carton, 24cartons/pallet, 10 pallets/20GP container

3kg/cone, 8cones/carton, 28cartons/pallet, 20 pallets/40HQ container


If without pallet: 300 cartons for 20GP container, 720 cartons for 40HQ container


  • What the regular packing of nylon 6 FDY?

6kg & 6.5kg/cone, 54cones/carton, 20cartons/20GP container

6kg & 6.5kg/cone, 63cones/carton, 44cartons/40HQ container


4kg & 5kg/cone, 63cones/carton, 20cartons/20GP container

4kg & 5kg/cone, 72cones/carton, 44cartons/40HQ container


3kg/cone, 96cones/carton, 20cartons/20GP container

3kg/cone, 112cones/carton,44cartons/40HQ container

  • What is the regular packing of nylon 6 POY?

9kg/cone, 42cones/carton, 22cartons/20GP container

9kg/cone, 42cones/carton, 48cartons/40HQ container

Highsun Holding Corporationis a professional nylon 6 yarn manufacturers, we provide Nylon 6, Spandex Fiber, Warping , dty nylon yarn, polyamide 6 yarn, chemical fiber, pa6 filamentand etc. Want to know about nylon yarn prices? Please contact us.

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