IDFTECH 6S Battery Charger for Poseidon-480 PRO II Waterproof Fishing Drone

IDFTECH 6S Battery Charger for Poseidon-480 PRO Ⅱ BLACK Waterproof Fishing Drone

Charger model: IDF-C1

Charger power: 100W

Charging current: 0.1-10A

Discharge current: 0.1-5A

Charger supply voltage: 100-240V

Chargeable battery type: LIPO/LIFE/LILO/LIHV/NICD/NIHH

IDF-C1 high-voltage charger provides good charging for customized high-voltage batteries. This charger is safe, simple to operate, and has a fast charging speed. It is more suitable for users with less experience. Most fishing drone with camera used by anglers are unfamiliar users. The equipment they use needs to be safe and stable, and the operation is simple. This charger fully meets this requirement.

Besides the fishing drone charger, other high-quality drone fishing accessories are also available in IDFTECH. Feel free to contact us now!

IDFTECHis a professional drone parts suppliers, we provide bcharger for a drone, drone camera charger, flying fishing drone, etc. Want to know drone charger price? Contact us.

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