Injection mold is a tool for producing plastic products; it is also a tool for giving plastic products a complete structure and precise dimensions. Specifically, it refers to injecting the material melted by heat into the mold cavity by high pressure, and after cooling and solidifying, the molded product is obtained.

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Three parts of injection molding

The injection unit The mold The clamp The parts to be used must be carefully designed, so as to form. There are four elements to consider-the material used for the part, the desired shape and features of the part, the material of the mould, and the properties of the moulding machine. The versatility of injection molding benefits from this wide range of design considerations and possibilities.

Injection Molding condition

Molding condition refers to the material cylinder temperature, injection speed, mold temperature and so on set in the molding machine to obtain the desired molding products, and the combination of conditions is countless. Depending on the conditions selected, the appearance, size and mechanical properties of the molded product can vary greatly. Therefore, to choose the most suitable forming conditions, it is necessary to have tested technology and experience.

Home FAQ

What are the factors affecting the hardening speed of injection molding process?

The hardening speed of injection molded parts is closely related to the variety of materials processed, the shape of plastic parts, wall thickness, molding temperature and whether preheating and pre-pressing, for example, the use of press ingots, preheating, increasing the molding temperature and increasing the pressurization time and other measures can significantly accelerate the hardening speed. In addition, the hardening speed of the injection molding process should also be suitable for the requirements of the molding method. For example, the pressure injection or injection molding, should be required in the plasticization, filling when the chemical reaction is slow, slow hardening, has maintained a long time flow state.

In addition, when filled cavity, at high temperature and pressure should be quickly hardened. Injection molding processing of slow hardening plastic will make the molding cycle longer and lower productivity; fast hardening plastic, it can not be molded into complex injection molded parts. Therefore, the hardening speed of injection molded parts must be strictly controlled in the process of injection molding processing.

How to avoid the odor of injection molding processing?

When we buy injection molded parts, we sometimes encounter odor, which has a significant impact on the health of users. So, how can we avoid the odor when we do the injection molding process? Let's briefly understand the following.

·Strictly control the use of additives

Polyurethane foam production process used in the catalyst of tertiary amines will bring a strong odor, but also in the car interior window fogging, we can find these amine substitutes use polyhydroxy compounds, polyhydroxy compounds are not only components of the polyurethane molecular chain, but also the same catalytic activity, some polyhydroxy compounds can even replace half of the tertiary amine catalyst, so that the injection molding process product odor become lighter.

·the use of more pure resin

Many plastic molds, especially in polyvinyl chloride, styrene, polyethyl acetate and acrylate, etc., the residual trace monomer will occur unpleasant odor, if you choose since the odorless resin effect is better.

·Pay attention to the use of adsorbents

In the polymer if filled with a small number of zeolites, can play a role in removing the effect of the odor of the material. Zeolite has a lot of crystalline vacancies, these vacancies can capture those small molecules of gas with odor.

what are the main reasons for the increase in the price of injection molding processing services?

For the injection molding processing industry, each round of development always encounters many new problems. The following is a brief explanation of the reasons for the rising injection molding costs.

·Increased labor costs

·Rising raw material prices

·Price increase of auxiliary materials

·Rising cost of capital

Of course, losses and internal consumption in production arrangements are also quite expensive, but it is a matter of the level of operation of the injection molding processing plant. This cannot be attributed to the increase in processing prices, but is a sign of the factory's insufficient production level."

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