FFP3rated dust maskrefer to masks that meet the European (CEEN149:2001) standards. The European standards for protective masks are divided into three levels: FFP1, FFP2FFP3mask. The difference from the American standard is that its detection flow rate adopts 95L/min, and DOP oil is used to generate dust.

FFP1 Mask: Minimum filtering effect"80%

FFP2Mask: Minimum filtering effect"94%

FFP3Mask: Minimum filtering effect"97%

Specification Of disposable FFP3type mask


Non-woven Fabric+ Melt-blown



Shelf Life:

2 years


White, Grey, Blue


95% - 99.9%



Description Of FFP3Mask

  1. PPF3respiratoris Individual protection product designed to prevent or reduce dust in the air from entering the human respiratory organs to protect life safety;

  1. FFP3dust mask is mostly constructed with two layers of non-woven fabric inside and outside, with a filter cloth (melt blown cloth) in the middle layer;

  1. Filtration principle: Filtering fine dust mainly depends on the filter cloth in the middle. Because the melt blown cloth has the characteristics of static electricity, it can absorb small particles. Since the fine dust is adsorbed on the original filter, and the original filter cannot be washed with static electricity, the self-priming filter type FFP3mask with valve needs to replace the original filter regularly

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