Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is a kind of skin care cleanser that mainly cleans hands. It uses back-and-forth friction action and the action of surfactants to remove dirt and attached bacteria on hands with water flow. The function of best antibacterial hand sanitizerhas developed from a single washing type to a skin care, skin beautification, nutrition and special function type. The diversified functions of foam antibacterial hand sanitizer can meet the different needs of different consumer groups. For example, foam hand sanitizer is a type of hand washing product developed in recent years. Because of its direct foaming, novel use form, more convenient and quicker use, more and more people love it; moisturizer developed based on the dry skin of the elderly. Stronger hand sanitizer;instant foam hand sanitizerdeveloped for pregnant women; travel hand sanitizer bulk developed for people who travel frequently.

Specification Of Hand Sanitizer

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Application Of Hand Sanitizer

Ordinary liquid hand sanitizer is mostly used in family life and washing areas in public places such as hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues, etc., for basic hand cleaning and decontamination. For the cleaning of industrial oil stains (such as engine oil, gasoline, butter, diesel, etc.) and stubborn stains, heavy oil stained hand sanitizer is required.

According to needs, there are many alcohol free hand sanitizer specially designed for children on the market. Children's hand sanitizers must be made of non-toxic, non-irritating/low-irritating raw materials, and the amount of pigments and flavors should be minimized. Some green surfactants such as alkyl glycosides, amino acid surfactants and plant-based emollients are often used in children's hand sanitizers. Alcohol based hand sanitizers in hospitalsare also mostly used in hospitals to clean the hands of patients and medical staff to reduce the risk of bacterial virus transmission through the hands.

Advantages of Hand Sanitizer

Reasonable Packaging

Antimicrobial hand sanitizer is usually packaged in pump bottles. Compared with traditional soaps, pumps are more convenient to take and can effectively prevent users from cross-infection during taking.

Gentle Cleaning

Traditional soap is very irritating to the skin, and long-term use can easily cause skin roughness and peeling. The new surfactants, additives and mild and natural disinfectants added to the hand sanitizer make the cleansing of the hands more gentle and moisturizing.

In Line With Cleaning Habits

Foam antibacterial hand sanitizer usually needs to be used with water to clean, which is more in line with the user's long-term cleaning habits.


Alcohol foam hand sanitizer can be used without water, it is more convenient to use and save water.

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