Orthodontic Coil Springs

IMD's orthocoil springs, manufactured by the premium nickel-titanium alloy, delivers gentle, consistent force to move teeth and remain active until space is closed. When warmed to body temperature, the gentle consistent force and shape memory are activated. Because of the super-elasticity, the consistent force will be exerted when activated within normal orthodontic ranges, regardless of deformation.

Types Of Orthodontic Coil Springs

Closed Coil Spring in Orthodontics

Closing spaces with closed orthodontic coilsprings brings unprecedented results. Our closed coil spring in orthodontics is available in 4 lengths (6mm, 9mm,12mm, 15mm) and three designs:

close springs with 2 eyelets

close springs with1 small and 1 big eyelet

close springs without eyelet

Two Small Eye LetsOne Small And One Big Eye-Let

No Eye-Let

Closed Coil Spring in Orthodontics

Open Coil Springs

Open or compression, coils are 178mm in length when passive and may be compressed to 60.6mm (.010inch) and 68.2mm (.012inch). Between these two lengths, the open coil orthodontics will exert 150g, 200g of force, and then the force fails to 0 as it becomes passive again. No distortion will occur during movement. These low forces ensure patient comfort and good circulation in the periodontal pocket during treatment.

Open Coil Springs

Kobayashi Ligature Wires

Our Kobayashi ligatures, preformed and welded, offer a convenient method of forming hooks for intraoral elastics. Just simply position over bracket, twist to secure and bend nose to form upward or downward hook. Two lengths (long and short) of Kobayashi ligature wire are available.

Kobayashi Ligature Wires

Ligature Wires

Our ligature wires, made from annealed stainless steel, can offer substantially more force between the bracket and the tooth. Choose the ortho ligature wire and keep the wires securely tied into the bracket slot.

Imd Medicalis a Sino-American Joint Venture Company founded in 2004 who is a orthodontics and endodonticssupplier engaged in R&D, manufacturing and marketing of dental products and personnel protective equipment (PPE).

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