Orthodontic Elastomerics

Function, consistency and fun are the hallmark of our quality orthodontic elastomerics, including latex-free options, interesting shape and dozens of ligature colors. We provide a wide variety of colors and sizes of teeth rubber for your clinical needs. Our superior elastic power chain and brilliant colored ligatures, with excellent retention and rebound, are designed to maximize clinical functionality and treatment efficiency. You will also find intro oral elastics and separators for your tooth traction and separation needs.

Types Of Orthodontic Elastomerics

Power Chain

Precision manufactured and scientifically tested

Superior elasticity and rebound

Extremely high resistance to breakage and tearing

Quicker placement and reducing chair time

Moisture resistant

Work well with bracket systems

Different types of power chains: available in 27 colors and 4 lengths-long, medium, short and continuous

O-Peak Separators

Precision cut

Latex-free elastomerics


Maintain the elasticity without deterioration

Separate teeth rapidly and efficiently

O-Peak Separators


Excellent retention and rebound

Available in four types of orthodontic ligature (Round, Flower, Mickey and Kitty)

Optimum size orthodontic ligature ties-0.012 diameter

1040 pcs/pack (round), 1000 pcs/pack


Hestia Separators

Rapidly and efficiently separate tooth

Consistent elasticity without deterioration

Easily identified on x-ray


Hestia Separators


O ring orthodontics material: Silicon

Imd Medicalis a Sino-American Joint Venture Company founded in 2004 who is a orthodontics and endodonticssupplier engaged in R&D, manufacturing and marketing of dental products and personnel protective equipment (PPE).

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