Bending Perforated Aluminium Sheet


stainless steel(we also can customize other material such as as: metal/steel/Aluminium and so on)



Surface Treatment:

Zinc plated, Tin plated, Nickel, plated, Chrome plated, Anodize, Electropolishing, powder coat, painting,electrophoresis,phosphorylated,pickling etc.

Customization Order for Bending Perforated Aluminium Sheet

Please kindly send your drawings or original samples

Each hole is very precise and we have advanced laser machines to control the precise size of the product

This product is used as a side shelf for electronic products. It has strong corrosion resistance. The raw material is steel. In addition to steel, we can also use other materials such as aluminum and copper.

These materials are designed for our customers according to their requirements and the end-use of the products.

Therefore, we will provide professional support from the raw materials to the end-use of the product and let the product achieve its maximum performance (including physical properties and appearance).

Every screw hole we do to the customer to do the deviation will not appear too large or too small so that our customers can be installed easily.

For its side we also use a process to prevent scratches. The edges will repair some burrs.

For bending, we have strict requirements for our production producers. For each folding part, we also strictly follow the customer's drawings. It is not deformed.

We are professional perforated aluminum sheet suppliersand we provide you with the high-quality decorative perforated aluminum with competitive perforated aluminium sheet price.

Shenzhen HSJ Metal Fabrication Co., Ltd.is a professional sheet metal parts factoryand aerospace sheet metal manufacturers, we provide custom metal fabrication services, perforated aluminium plateand etc. Want to know more? Please contact us.

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