Molybdenum Tube

Molybdenum tubehas high melting point, high strength, good thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance;

Can be used for high temperature operating environment up to 2000℃;

It is used for assembly electron tube, heating high temperature furnace, thermocouple protection tube in high temperature furnace and support parts in sapphire single crystal furnace and high temperature sintering furnace.

Application of Molybdenum Tube

It is often used as heating element, thermocouple protection tube and molybdenum target tube used in high-temperature vacuum industry, electronic industry, sapphire thermal field and aerospace manufacturing industries.

Production Process of Molybdenum Tube

Molybdenum pipeis mainly produced by the powder metallurgy method and the manufacturing processes are substantially as follows: sintering - forging - swaging - machined - polished. When the amount of deformation of the subsequent processing is more than 60%, the density molybdenum tube is substantially close to the theoretical density, so it has high strength, uniform internal organization and excellent high temperature creep resistance property.

Features of Molybdenum Tube

Good corrosion resistance (The surface of molybdenum tube is easy to produce a layer of dense natural protective film, It can be well to protect the matrix from corrosion by artificial anodic oxidation and coloring, good casting performance can be cast aluminum alloy or processing Plastic deformation of good aluminum alloy.)

Best price pure molybdenum tube with various specifications.

High strength (molybdenum tube have the high strength.After a certain degree of cold processing can strengthen the matrix strength, some grades of molybdenum tube can also be enhanced by heat treatment)

Best price pure molybdenum tube with various specifications.

Good thermal conductivity (The conductive thermal conductivity of molybdenum only less than the silver, copper and gold)

Best price pure molybdenum tube with various specifications.

Easy processing (After add some certain alloying elements, you can get a good casting performance of aluminum alloy casting or processing plastic deformation of aluminum alloy)

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