kitchen Faucet Tap for Sale

Only Using High Quality Brass / Stainless Steel Material, Non-leakage Ceramic Valve Core, Achieving Your Ideal Kitchen Life

In kitchen utensils, a faucet kitchen water tapplays an important role. It can be said that the use of almost everything is inseparable from kitchen faucet manufacturers. Likegro focuses on the production and kitchen water faucetwholesale and has high requirements for each kitchen faucet quality to meet the needs of customers to the greatest extent. Buy kitchen faucet at wholesale prices.

Likegro's kitchen sinks and faucetsdesign take water-saving features into account, ensuring that small amounts of water can be used without compromising water needs. The pull-out commercial kitchen sink faucet and industrial kitchen sink faucet can pull out the faucet, and the rotation angle can reach 360 degrees, which is convenient for cleaning all corners of the sink. At the same time, the high-quality electroplating layer helps the faucet to be resistant to dirt and stains, and it is easy to clean and shinning as new.

Inquiry us if you have customized requirements about the kitchen faucet or any questions about our products. We’re here 24/7 for you.

Which Is Better Single Handle Or Double Handle Kitchen Faucet?

Both single handle kitchen faucets and double handle kitchen faucet have their own merits, you can choose according to your preferences or needs.


Single-handle Faucet

The single hole kitchen sink faucet saves space in the kitchen, and you can adjust the water temperature and output with just one hand. The single-handle pull-out faucet can more easily clean the edges and corners of the interior in the sink, as well as the places that ordinary faucets cannot reach.


Double-handle Faucet

The double handle kitchen faucet can enjoy hot water and cold water separately at the first time, which is more practical and beautiful. With two handles to control the cold and hot water respectively, this faucet is designed to be safer if you have small children in your household.

How Do I Know If My Kitchen Faucet Will Fit?

The most important check is to know how many holes your sink has, the kitchen faucet sink needs three holes to install, and has two handles in the faucet for regulating hot and cold water.

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