High Precise Screen Printing Table TP3040

High Precise Screen Printing TableTP3040

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TP3040 high-precision manual printer is mainly used for single-sided or double-sided circuit board solder paste or red glue printing requirements. The working platform is made of high-quality aluminum, and its base is welded with thick steel plates, which is strong and durable. Its characteristics are as follows:

The circuit board uses fixed beads and fixed posts for positioning, which can ensure convenient positioning and accuracy of repeated operations.

Make ready mode is made by moving the template, and combines the fine adjustment and correction of the X and Y axes in the printing platform, which is convenient and fast.

The template support adopts spiral bearings, the height can be adjusted up and down, which is convenient to control the thickness of PCB and the amount of printing paste.

The printing plate is fixed by four knobs with pressure rollers, fast and firm.




Size of workbench


Max printing size


Max screen frame dimension


Thickness of printed matter


The adjustment volume ofworkbench


Height of printing platform


Repeatability precision

±0. 01mm

Location mode

Shape or benchmark hole

Outline Size


Net Weight


Gross Weight


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