Capacitance Level Switch

FEEJOY capacitive level switchhas a simple structure. Capacitance type level switchuses the principle of resonant circuit. It is suitable for all kinds of material level measurement. Capacitive type level switchis widely used in the Food and feed industry, Chemical industry, Metallurgical industry and so on. Capacitance type level switch also has the feature of resistance to high temperature, high pressure, strong acid and strong alkali.

Application of Capacitance Level Switch

lCapacitance switch can control the level and upper and lower limit of bulk, granular, powder, and liquid material silos; Widely used in metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, light industry, coal, cement, grain, and other industries.

lNowadays, capacitance switches have been widely used, so the variable types could have various installation methods and specifications from different level switch suppliers. Here we have the following notes for FEEJOY

Installation Method of Capacitance Level Switch

lThe level switch is usually installed on the sidewall of the warehouse body by side installation (installed on the side of the warehouse wall), and the height of the material level is detected at the upper and lower limit positions. Top installation) method.

lThe threaded installation tube should be as short as possible during side mounting so that the end of the probe thread is flush with the inner wall of the groove to avoid material accumulation at the root.

lThe distance between the electrode and the silo wall should be greater than 200mm during top-loading, and the position that can avoid the impact of materials during feeding should be selected.

lWhen the warehouse wall is made of concrete, the shell of the level switch should be connected to the steel bar reliably. When the warehouse wall is made of non-metal, an auxiliary probe should be installed.

lWhen measuring solid powder or block material with a large specific gravity, the probe should be fixed to prevent the pusher pole on the material side from deviating from the normal position. For measuring liquids, if there is a stirring device, the cable probe should also be fixed.

lWhen the user disassembles and assembles the level switch, it is forbidden to hold the case by hand and twist it. Use a wrench to turn the hexagon bolt.

Selection Considerations of Capacitance Level Switch

lThe probe length of the level switch is selected between 100-2000mm, which is a rod probe. The cable probe can be used when the probe length exceeds 2000mm.

lWhen used to detect materials with dielectric constant such as plastic, the probe length should not be shorter than 500mm. Non-metallic silos or materials with dielectric constant ≤1.8 need to add auxiliary probe.

lWhen there is high-power equipment on site, 24VDC power supply should be selected as much as possible.

Capacitance Level Switch FAQs

What is capacitance level switch?

Due to the use of "one-key calibration" technology, it solves the problem of long-term calibration of capacitive level limit switches in use.

Why choose Feejoy's capacitance level switch?

Feejoy's capacitance level switch can control the liquid level and upper and lower limits of bulk, granular, powdery and liquid material silo, and is widely used in metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, light industry, coal, cement, grain and other industries.

Feejoy is a professional electromagnetic flow meter manufacturer, we provide resistive level sensor, Flow Transmitter, float level sensorand etc. Want to know more? Please contact us.

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