Structural aluminum extrusions(shaped aluminum extrusion , standard or custom extrusions) are made of aluminum alloy billet such AA6060, AA6063, AA6061, AA6005, AA6082, AA7075…

As a full service metal extrusion manufacturers, Eolane SCM provides quality, cost-efficient custom metal products to lots of customers in different industries in Europe and the US, while providing them with industry-leading service and a headache-free experience.Do you want to buy aluminium extrusionor custom aluminium extrusion. Whatever your needs, Eolane SCM has the in-house capabilities and industry knowledge & experience to meet your requirements.

Our manufacturing facilities are over 150,000 sqm.of working space, more than 10 manufacturing factories. This allows us to produce quality metal parts that surpass even the highest of expectations.

Recognizing that every situation is unique, our technical experts listen, identify critical issues, and deliver tailored solutions to our customers. Being ISO 9001 Certified is another way we add value for our customers, to make sure they will always receive consistent, superior-quality fabricated metal parts and services for each project.

Through our global network, advanced metal part manufacturing technologies, and rigid quality systems, we provide exceptional results regardless of the size or complexity of your metal project. From contracts requiring 10 parts, to well over a million, we have the processes, the staffing, and the equipment to assure your satisfaction every time.

Custom aluminium extrusion specification


Metal - extrusion


Al6061, AL6063

Any other materials requested by customer

Surface treatment

Anodization, Chromation, Passivation

Any other treatment requested by customer


Industrial, Communication, Medical

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