Our products are mainly used in different areas, such as Astronomy, Industrial Laser, Medical &Biotechnology, Defense & Military. For industrial areas, the products are used in laser technology, optical communication, laser cutting.

For the Military areas, night vision, tanks, periscopes need the prism, lens and reticles. For Astronomy, mini smart microscopes are very popular in young people. For medical, we also provide contributions to the fight against covid-19.

Optical Application In Tcoptics
Astronomy Optics
Our products are mainly used in Astronomy area. We can design the achromatic lens for the customers. Astronomical optics combines lenses and mirrors to reduce any image distortion.

Our products are mainly used in industrial laser. Such as laser cutting, laser marking. Co2 lens are bestseller in the industrial area.

Medical Lens
Many medical areas used our products. Such as dental, endoscopes, microscope, biochemical scope, imaging area. We provide high-quality products.

Optical Product in Defense & Military
Our lens and reticles are mainly used in night vision, periscope and tank. We also produce prism with grooved for the customer with very good price.

TC Opticsas one of the most professional optical components suppliers, we provide cheap optical components, dielectric mirror for sale, optical solution, precision optics manufacturingand etc. Contact us to know more.

There are many chinese optics manufacturers, but we are one of the best choices for you.

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